Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mountain House Chicken Fried Rice

 As an ambassador for the Solo Stove products, we have been asked to review a food product created for camping/back-packing and situations where good food is desired without the challenge of refrigeration.

Last night we did dinner in the fire pit here at our house.  The main course was chicken roasted in foil with onions, tomatoes, garlic and basil.  One of my 45 minute favorites.  While the chicken was baking on the charcoal I took a few minutes to fire up my Solo Titan Stove and boil water for the dehydrated side dish.

The ingredient list reads like a gormet meal of its own!  Chicken, long grain rice, scrambled eggs, onions, red peppers and carrots.

It comes in a waterproof pouch (serves 2) which is used as the cooking dish, sort of.

Boil 1 1/2 cups water. Pour the boiling water into the resealable bag. Sip the bag closed.   After 4 minutes open and stir.  Reseal for 8-9 more minutes.

When we opened the chicken from the foil we served the Mountain House Chicken Fried Rice along side and enjoyed a si
mple and delicious dinner!

Created for camping convenience, this meal is too good not to enjoy any time right here at home!

Happy Trails,

Jeff Kurtz
Solo Stove Ambassador

Monday, August 7, 2017

Checking out the Solo Bonfire

We recently bought a new toy for our camping and backyard adventures.  Checkout the Titan stove from Solo Stoves!

I saw this online while shopping for camping equipment this summer.
New gear always interests me and this little stove was an instant favorite.

  The design behind this stove is really ingenious.  A small package that simplifies the campfire experience so much that we have been using it almost every night here at the house instead of firing up the firepit.

The model that I have is the Titan.  The catalog describes this as a 2-person stove, but everything is relative.   Instead of a log fire in our fire-pit we've just been burning twigs and enjoying our evenings on the patio.  It's small enough that we can put it up on a stand or just on the ground.  There's a ring that fits on top to support a pot or pan.  We did burgers in a frying pan and then picked up a grilling basket with a handle for brats, burgers or about anything you would want to grill.

As you can see, the embers burn down to ash and clean-up is simple.

Next week I'm heading to eastern TN for a motorcycle weekend and I'm looking forward to showing this off to friends there.

Amazingly, we have mostly been burning twigs from around the yard.   For cooking I also have dropped in hickory chunks and charcoal.  Those pieces furn slower and longer, which makes cooking simple.  The heat is very concentrated and things cook quickly.

Down the road I'll look into their pots and pans.

They also have two larger models.  Those would likely be best for larger groups of people.'

Will post more info as I experiment with the Titan.

Happy Trails!


Thursday, June 29, 2017

July 2017 to the UP!

This is a trip that Donna has wanted to relive.  She know's it's a beautiful region and I have only driven through (without smelling the roses...).

The letters (A,B,C... ) mark the planned route.   the pins are points of interest, to be visited, or not, as we progress.  Lots of waterfalls and lakes on the list.

Photos as we begin on July 3rd.

Earn while camping?

We found Rent Wizard last month and it's pretty slick.  We handout and place brochures on RV's and let the owners follow up.  Rent your RV via a website that helps with contracts and payments all ove the country.

Ambassadors needed.  Profit by renting your RV/Camper or by introducing others.

email for details.  Use the referral code 59308E for extra 6 months on posting or referrals.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

No left turns?

How do your route your trip and plan your exits/turns? Interesting article here about why UPS trucks make left turns only 10% of their travels. We all have our thoughts about making our travels safe. I avoid cities, drive 1 MPH faster tan the traffic and take back roads (or even side streets) as often as possible. Check the stats in this article:

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter trip, 2017 - TX Gulf

This trip is the result of last winter travels, and wanting to spend a month where it's warm. don't travel every day, and diacover an area in depth, or at least the pubs.

Donna hashad Padre Island on her mind since mid summer.  We looked around Vacation Rent by ( and decided to stay around North Padre Island for three+ weeks.  We split the weeks up into three different apartments and are now working on places to see and things to do.

Here's a link to our (growing) road map.  Will be spotting in potential destinations oer the next few weeks.  Jan 27th is our launch date, with three road days planned to get there.  At this point we're planning on takig the car and leaving the bike home.  Potential solo bike trip in the works for spring.

Bird sanctuary photography (new 2X lens!)
Local road trips.

Signed up for TX newsletters and are hitting up the vacation bureaus for ideas.  I like having lots of targets and then we have options based on weather conditions, energy levels and generally poking around.

Will keep you posted.

Nearby top fav restaurnats:
1. Ceviche Ceviche (South Padre Island)
2. Snoopy's Pier (Corpus Christi)
3. The Spot (Galveston)
4. Boiling Pot (Rockport)
5. Moby Dick's (Port Aransas)
6. Joe's Oyster Bar (Port Isabel)
7. Tookie's (Seabrook)
8. Louie's Backyard (South Padre)
9. Doc's Seafood and Steaks (Corpus Christi)
10. Gaido's (Galveston)
11. Irie's Island Food (Port Aransas)

Road trips

Year end message

Here I go again... at a loss to explain why I haven't posted in weeeks... months.   Just too much travel and not taking time to blog.   Although it has been fun.

5 weeks on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in Sept and Oct was great fun.  learned much about those towns, growing weed and western USA mother nature.  We now have a (soong to be) Giant Sequoia growing in a planter in the living room...  Details in 200 years.

I'll come back and work on this topic as time permits.  I've been through the photo files one time and need to go back to find the second tier of good shots.

If you ever get the chance, this is a great way to spend a month (or two).