Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rain delay in Uvalde, TX

Looks like I can take a couple days to catch up on my blog...   Rain in the forecast from here East for the next two days.

Last night camped at Holiday Travel RV park near Lake A____  just west of Del Rio.  I have to recommend that place HIGHLY!    I pulled in after hours and Jimmy (young guy who is the owner) showed me right to a grassy spot with power and water, right near the shower house.   Gave me a great rate and a ride to the beer store!    Tough to beat.

Left there under gloomy skies heading to San Antonio.  Gloom became wet roads so I pulled up at Subway here to check the weather...   nothing fun in store so will park the ride until the sun comes in on Thursday.

Must check...   the last 1/4 mile I can feel a bump in a tire... nothing visible so will put it up on the center stand to investigate.  More to follow.

Later that day:   Tire is out of round like crazy...   We mounted it cold yesterday and one section of the bead didn't pop right.   About 4 miles out I heard it pop and it looked good then...   There aren't any flat spots of signs of odd wear, but I can feel it as it rolls...   Will make it to FL and then hit the recycle bin.  Problem solved.

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