Wednesday, August 19, 2015

AMERIDECK Bike to Truck lifts!

Alternates for hauling the bike...   

Having experienced several challenges getting my bike into a truck/trailer, I'm adding a convenience item to my truck.    And I just became a distributor for AmeriDeck SuperDeck III !   

My friend Skip out in OR is letting me sell for him and it's quite a useful tool!

You can get plenty of  details from various websites about the AmeriDeck.   It has two sizes, priced the same, for short or long-bed pickups.  About the only thing to be cautious of is to make certain that your truck can handle the load... or potential load.  The deck weighs about #600.  Add to that the potential to carry two bikes (#1,600 additional?) and then try to make a panic stop at 65 MPH.   A very light truck may not be the best application... but it's your call.

Priced at $3,640.00 plus freight from the factory in PA to your location or your installer.   Installation takes about 3 hours and, other than lifting the device into place, it's just a matter of a few bolts and power from the vehicle battery.  

Here's a link to the detail brochure P1. <<<
Here's the link to P2 with the product specs. <<<

Give me a call for details and to get your Amerideck on it's way to your truck!     717-620-9676    Jeff

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Hey!! We're 
back!   The trip ended up being 5 miles and 10 days longer than planned.   Most of the extra days were in Franklin NB (A) at the NB/KS state line.  Diesel trouble shut us down the the BMW Night Rider's Husker Rally was taking place at the fairgrounds fight at the edge of town.  Wonderful people and great food.  (Recommend highly).  They don''t have any GS Giant members but surely will soon.  Hundreds of miles of gravel and a GREAT sign of quality...  With roads like these why are they riding on street tires?   

Will have to post much more soon about this great travel experience.   From the GS Giant Stampede and Gypsy Tour to the BMW MOA Rally in Billings... coupled with days of the Black Hills, Yellowstone, Tetons, Cody WY and dozens of other discoveries...   We had a blast.

Now we're back near home in Carterville, IL, but haven't put the camper/toy-hauler away yet.  Couple more days lakeside at Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge to do some maintenance and catch up on thoughts and photos.

Stay tuned for updates on the adventure...   while we plan the next one(s).

Travel safe!