Monday, October 29, 2012

NOTE FROM PA DOT!  Due to hurricane NO Passenger vehicles towing trailers or MOTORCYCLES allowed on interstates.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ringtown Mountain Rd heading north from the west end of Ringtown, PA and towards Slabtown, New Media or Bloomsburg.   

Watch out for deer, groundhogs and farm equipment!!

This is the same road as the previous post, heading northbound on Rt 339 from Mahanoy City, PA to my home outside of Brandonville.    Makes for a nice drive any day of the year.

Continuing north on Rt 339 will take you all the way to Bloomsburg, PA for a winding 45 minute cruise.    ANY side road in this area will be a pleasure to discover.

Why hadn't I thought of this earlier...   Canon ELF mounted on the back fo my left glove...

This is just a sample of the Rt 339 two lane that runs thru the mountains from Mahanoy City to Bloomsburg.  

On a typical summer day you will meet more bikers than autos.

Caution:  when the sign says 15 MPH pay attention...  the other end of this set of twisties takes out quite a few northbound bikes and cars (including my AUDI A6 !).  I just towed a Yamaha home a couple weeks ago from that curve.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Spot2 tracked my lazy weekend... Just local rides and a horse show.  Signal and messaging worked in PA valleys where there is no cell service.  Nice to know that my family was watching my live map update online.   Link to live map is HERE<<<

Right now my Spot2 is on a light fixture with velcro strap.   It's waterproof so rain was not an issue.   Moved ti to my arm when hiking.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Schuylkill County Bike Rescue

On the way back on a cruise to Tuscarora Lake St Park I came across a group of bikers with one in the ditch.

At the entrance to the downhill twisties south of Brandonville a girl on a Yanaha 650 locked up the rear wheel and highsided into the grass.  She was just getting up when I arrived and she walked away.  

I tole them that I could be back in 5 min with a trailer and could keep the bike at my place till she can recover it.

Pics at THIS LINK.<<<

 If you are ever in need of assistance in this area I have a bike trailer and will try to give you a hand.   570-401-4843    I am at the north end of Schuylkill County between Hazleton, Pottsville and Bloomsburg, PA.

Here's a sample of Spot2 Tracking from my day.  Each position is listed in a log of time, date, GPS position and messages can be viewed by clicking it on the log.  Intermediate positions are not tracked automatically but can be added by pressing the 'message' button.  Device sends a signal every 10 minutes in the Tracking mode.

You can view this actual interactive map at THIS LINK.<<< 

Multiple maps can be tracked simultaneously and segmented for later publishing.  The Tracking service $49 is in addition to the $99 annual fee. (prices are aproximate.) 

For additional details email me at

The Spot2 can be purchased from us at OUR ONLINE STORE.<<<