Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Arrived Tellico Plains about 6 PM.  Camping in Greenback, TN (Andre Schutte's living room) where the overnight temp got down to 66deg.   Outdoor thermopop is indicating 28 degrees.   Will go around the block to MMM in a few hours.   Making a map... this is a really nice block to drive around.

FRon Andre's place.  72E to 129 fontana dam.   129S to Deal's Gap,  Over to Robbinsville, Cherahola Skyway east to Tellico Plains and then into MMM Camp.  I wanna live on this block.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gainsville FL to Tellico Plains, TN - 498 miles

Cold day in the south...  39 at 7:30 am in Gainsville... 49 at 6 PM arriving Tellico Plains, TN.  Froze fingers and toes but was a sweet ride.  Mostly I75 but put many miles behind in getting to March Moto Madness.  For the morning I stopped about every 60 miles to thaw out my body parts...   just after 12 a traffic jam slowed northbound to a crawl south of Atlanta for about 5 miles.   Then I pulled over at a Carhart store for a while... Then, warmed and energized I booked north stopping only for gas and wrapped up the day.  Most of the miles were right at 80 MPH.  Haven't calculated fuel milage but am certain it is low.  Whatever.

So where did the hours go?  I know that I took several warm up breaks...  Once I made that long stop I hit the power and stayed on it for hours on end... not watching the clock...  I don't even carry a clock.   Just ticking off the miles to the next fuel stop around 140 miles.   Once the fuel light comes on I decide if to take fuel right away or wait for a less traffic'd place.   Longer is better, within the fuel window.   When I pulled in for the last stop the clock on the wall was showing after 6 PM... Could have fooled me... felt like 4 maybe.   Nice to just have those miles all behind me.   Never really sensed a rush-hour period.   Just plenty of traffic skirting Atlanta.  The by-pass around Macon was light.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Great ride last week with Larry Beckert.

Larry camps at an RV resort west of Old Town, FL and tours the fire roads in that area.   We did about 50 miles.   Lots of sand... clipped this down to the wet stuff... big difference in my skill level after 26,000 from a year ago.   Great fun.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Launching Fund Raiser!

Happy Day!   Bike week 2014 is history... will get back to the last week and add context today and tomorrow...   Meanwhile:

Last week I read about a program to raise funds for veterans and deployed military support.  Sending cards, care packages, aid programs to veterans.   I responded but later learned that they did not have very high reviews and could not document their gifting.   None the less, I like the idea of supporting the troops.

Since then I found several credible organizations who will accept donations for veterans.  These include the Wounded Warrier Projec

and Home For Our

If you know of other organizations that I could include in my project please send them along...   Will be setting up displays at rallies and camp events as I travel this year.

My initial goal is to contribute $1/mile for the distances that I travel this year.   That is currently projected to be about 30,000 miles.   And I have a lot of catching up to do.  
Details of the progress will be displayed on my blog for that topic: (website in progress 3/17/14)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

ADV Rider Trans Florida Reverse Loop, March 2014

To be added.

You meet the nicest people on a ...

It was once said that, "You meet the nicest people on a Honda."

It goes without saying... or maybe needs to be said, that BMW peeps are pretty much awesome.

Homing pigeon sensations?

The first time that I thought about this was about two years ago.  

Arrived in Cadiz, KY area at Land Between the Lakes resort for my father's memorial services...   Brother Kevin and I drove down with his tuck, towing the boat for traditional Kurtz fishing moments.

I stepped out of the vehicle about 7 AM and instantly knew I was in the mid-west where I was brought up...   Same heat.  Same air.  Smell of dry grass and a nearby lake.  The sensation of being "back home" was unreal.   
Had lived 50 miles north of there from 3rd grade until Sophomore year...  Everything I call upbringing was from there.

Last week I pulled into Florida, driving back from CA.   No sooner did I cross the state line than the trees and roads came into focus...   flat,  straight,  dry...   An immediate Florida connection...   These sensations are beyond Google Maps...  There must be a 6th sense that understands time and place. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is it Wednesday already?    Live at Angler's RV Campground just outside Cedar Key, FL.   Set up camp for ADV Rider Trans-Florida 2014 ride.  Details below.

Finally did the video from the last road day from Pensacola.  Was a beautiful drive with lots of blue water must feet away from the highway.

Campground is giving us group rate $10/bike and big space in back of camp.  Pavillion, fire pit, water, elect, showers, game room, wifi.  Look up Angler's RV Camp

Cliff from NC and Bruce (FL?) arrive today.  LB, OH is already camped nearby.  Planning a local ride tomorrow to get our balance tuned up... give or take rain.

Somehow my elect hotplate died an early death...   picked up a Geo Foreman sandwich grill...   does OK on things I can press in there but doesn't heat water worth a hoot...   built a fire for warm chili.  

Among the things on the agenda are to reunite my bike with the 3-day old knobbie that wintered in Asheville.  Also receiving a dual sport tire from Ian S for next distance travels.

Somewhere I missed a photo... more to follow.   Jeff

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Today is Saturday...   no, it's Sunday... how do these things run together?

Am camped at Angler's RV Campground for the week and listening to the purr of Harley's on Rt 24 heading in and out of beautiful Cedar Key, FL.   What a lovely little fishing village...   but I am getting ahead... let me recap the Friday drive.

Back in a bit to continue.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Saturday!   Weather looks good thru Monday to finish the travels.  Yesterday was cool but comfy.  Put 400+ miles between myself and Texas, crossing LA and AL, arriving FL about 5 PM.  Spent the last road evening in Days Inn, Pensacola.   Pretty place but p.i.a. on cheep stuff... $5 fee if key is not returned...   all these hotels run by east indians seem to be trying to treat the disposable plastic keys like they are $5 gold pieces...   They take one set, number them in felt tip pen and try to not have to understand how the electronic key system works.   Why don't they run things like a cell block and just do a lock-down every night at 2200 hours?    sheesh...

Back to the good day...  Lots of bridges today... some over rivers and a couple long ones over swamps.   Made for interesting views.   Many miles along the gulf.   

Took 10E right through downtown cities.  New Aweleans was stop and go for 20 miles into town and thru the downtown.  Saw the superdome.   yep... it's a dome, allright.

Truck traffic was hit/miss.   Wind was steady from Southeast.   MPG was under 45 all day with speeds running at 70 in the AM and then I picked it up to 80 for most of the afternoon.

Today Plan:  Get off Rt 10 and head down to the costal highway... take in some surf...   Will take an hour longer, but what the heck!

Actually getting an earlier start than previous...  Pizza hug dinner provided yummy breakfrast with coffee, so that's another pitstop that won't be needed...   Happy Day!