Friday, June 27, 2014

lost emails

I JUST discovered an email glitch that was sending letters to never-never-land... My apologies
to those of you who wrote in the last month that had not heard from me... I think all letters have been responded to by now.

If you should have any difficulty reaching me you can always pick up  the phone and call, leave a message or text me at 717-620-9676.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

North Florida's hidden treasures...

This isn't all that special, but there are a couple places I have visited that are noteworthy.

This weekend in Cedar Key was interesting.   cedar Key itself was sooo busy with weekenders that it wasn't particularly comfortable.  
Somehow I erased the Friday night sunset photos from the good camera before my transfers were complete... ugh...

 Taking to back roads with a local friend we took in Manatee Springs stare park and then had lunch at Treasure Camp on the Suwannee.  
This was no place fancy but the service and space were super.   Our greeter and drink waitress was a young 10-ish girl with a glowing smile.   The grown-ups on staff were every bit as friendly and helpful.

They have an adjacent motel with about 4 rooms in one building and a larger place that they are renovating.  I believe they said that would have 4 more rooms.   There is a boat launch, a huge screened in dining/party area and plenty of lawn for camping.  Here's a link to the map .  Rt 347 south west of Chiefland, FL.    

I would recommend this as an end-point to a day trip with friends, or just a lunch stop away from the traffic of towns.


In Cedar Key I would avoid Annie's, although it is one place BMW groups use because it can handle a crowd for breakfast.   The food is decent but the lady who runs the place (I would assume to be Annie) is pretty much a grouch.

Kona Joe's was nice when Cliff and I had breakfast there in March, but locals say it is for sale...
  and they were closed for vacation this week so we looked across the road to the colorful Ada Blue cafe.   The theme picks up on the blue tear-drop camper along the road with matching bird feeders around the porch.  Their indoor porch would seat 20+ people easily, along with tables in the main room and the airy front porch where we watched the traffic come and go from town.  The menu offers a nice breakfast selection and the food was great!   Definitely friendly folks!!  Recommend highly.

BTW...   they also host a RV park which is waterfront.  Nice space but all gravel... not tent friendly.   


Tenting was best two years in a row at the Angler's RV camp which is about 8 miles from Cedar Key, right on Rt 24.   The current management (son of the founder) is a great guy who has motorcycles and welcomes bikes!!   They put us in the back of the property in a tent area that is probably 1/2 acre, covered pavillion, water, electricity, fire pit.   Push for the weekly rate or a group rate which can get you down to about $10/bike.   

This year I needed to do a tire change and the owner not only loaned us tools and air compressor, but he put my tire and wheel up on a chair in front of the game room space heater to warm up for an  easier change.   Cliff and I did the work right there in the game room...  doesn't get much better than that.


While I'm on the topic, let me add the Yellow Jacket RV Resort which is on the west side of the river, down the road from Old Town (Chiefland).  I didn't stay there but friend Larry B. showed me around on our off-road day this March.   Nicely wooded, the shade keeps the FL heat at bay and the sites are nicely spaced.  Very tent friendly!!

The best photo op place turned out to be Olustee Beach on  Ocean Pond in Olustee FL, right on Rt 90 between McClenny and Lake City.  Friend Carol Y. captured dozens of great forest and sky shots and I picked up at least one blue ribbon on WeatherUnderground.   The camping area is on the North side of the lake and was pretty much swamp when I was visiting there.  I camped at the beach side of the lake as a host.   Even the group area was nicer than the camping area.   $50/night with pavillion, fire pit and about 8 RV hookups.

Let me add some photos and get on with the weekend.

Travel safe!    Jeff

USB charger gadget

Handy gadget found on a BMW Tech forum:  dot/USB connection.

Friday, June 20, 2014

post vs audio?

How does three weeks vanish and I haven't posted a word about what I am doing?   Arrived White Springs FL and am working as a camp host at the Stephen Foster Cultural Center and Camp.   Quite a lovely camp with spacious sites and very modern facilities.

Today I was thinking that perhaps I should start doing audios of my stories and turn them into a collection to publish an audio book.   As easy as it is to tell stories, and as long as it takes for me to get around to typing articles...   It might be just the thing to do.

Will see what I can accomplish in the next few days to entertain you.

Happy Weekend!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

BMW RA, Americade and now Stephen Foster

OK,, so I am about three weeks behind on updating things... and my tech life is being challenged...   Helmet cam died - upgraded to Go Pro Hero 3.   Cell Phone died - will manage on google voice (717-620-9676) and Skype for as long as I can...   THEN Acer computer did a "stand by while we update your computer crap..." and it erased the operating system... ugh... thank goodness for back-ups to back-ups.

I will get back here and post updates about the various activities, but in the meantime will just post this as a THANK YOU to all the people who have shared thoughts and smiles along the way.   Every encounter is a chance to discover a new person, a new road, and a new opportunity.

If you are near White Springs, FL this month look me up at the Stephen Foster Cultural Center and Camp... site #17.   Will be camp host thru the July 4th holiday and then headed back to IL until BMW MOA in Minneaposlis at end of July.

travel safe.

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