Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Monday travels took me from Central KY to Cadiz where my parents retired.  Beakfast at local bait and bread cafe. 
More to follow.

The  Rolex Three Day International event was super.  I worked in the vendor arena for Helite Air Bag Vests all of Thursday and Friday.  More on that later.

Saturday was overcast but calm and (conversly) filled with energy.

The crowd was amazing.  Parking lots filled early.  When I arrived at the Lake Head (jumps 19 and 20) the audience was waiting for Phillip Dutton.  He arrived at top speed and didn't dissappoint the crowd at all.  Most riders passed the two combinations without issues.  There was a near miss (pictured) and two falls entering the water at 20A.   Only one rider, that I recall, used the option.

I have about 20 more photos to load but it's a busy week and that may take time.  Check back often!

Many thanks to the hundreds of people who shared thoughts and memories.

Happy Trails!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday was personal maintenance day in Lexington, KY.   Treated the Beemer to new tires.  Heidenau Scouts.   Arrived at weekend rental apartment to meet Drew and unload bike.  Walked down thru town for pizza at Village Host (Best Greek Pizza ever!)

On the return hike I shot whatever caught my eye and collected just a few colorful scenes from the neighborhood just north of downtown.

Heading to the Rolex Three-Day International Event at the Kentucky Horse Park.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby has new shoes!  Heideneur K60 Scout.   Look great!   First few miles it seems that they totally ignore street surface variations.   Will know more after I put a few hundred miles on them.

When in Lexington KY if you need tire swaps or non-branded maintenance assistance I have to recommend American Legands Motorcycle on Lisle Industrial Ave.  They took me in on short notice, swapped out the tires, Spun balanced.  Prices were right in line with others I had been quoted.  Ask for Dave,,, he did mine personally.

Traveling has been super...   time to blog has been minimal... ditto editing and posting photos.

Left Suwannee River Wilderness Trail at Dowling Park FL on Sunday.  217 miles to National Civil War Maritime Museum in Columbus, GA.  Interesting to visit.   The website is almost as exciting as being inside the vintage boat reconstructions...   some of them were HUGE!  (Pics when I get caught up.

Monday drove to Cloudland Canyon State Park in GA.   This was, beyond a doubt, the most dramatic waterfall and canyon area I have ever seen... The Grand Canyon is massive but this is every bit as dramatic with two waterfalls that I could see that had to be 300 - 500 ft. cascades.   Video'd the sunrise and the valley awakening.  This park is def a two-day visit with several miles and 600 steps down to the base of the falls.  (nope, I didn't take the hike... just read the brochur.)   Will put this on the list for  a return visit when I'm not on a time-line. Will come back and post link to that asap.   The drive there from the south (Rts 100, 48 and 157) was the best I had been on for months.  Lots of curves, climbs, and the last 20 miles was as quiet and out of the way roads as I can recall... could have been in middle of Canada.  

Tuesday headed north into Tennessee.   That first 30 miles was more of the same with twists and rises to brighten the cool morning ride.  Did more 4-lane than I had expected but made Sgt Alvin York state park by 1:00 for refresher on WWI's most decorated enlisted man.  Nice 10 minute documentary in the visitor's center.   Come to find out there is no camping there but they directed me north (convenient) to Bid South Fork National Forest.

This park could be a week of adventures with waterfalls, natural bridges, canyons and nearly 200 miles of maintained horse trails.   I was pretty much the only camper there that wasn't towing a horse trailer.   The sites were nicely spread out and well maintained.   The visitor center has a stabling area for horses.    Several local stores advertised that they stocked food, beer AND had HORSES FOR SALE!  

This morning I left there trying to beat the rain to Lexington...   6:00A depart and the rain arrived 10 minutes before I got off Rt 75 at x113.  Pulled in to Meadowthorpe Cafe for super breakfast.   Says it is voted "best breakfast in town" and I can believe that.   Nice to eat local vs. a chain store for first Lexington meal.  

Am right now at American Legends Motorcycle getting my new Heideneur tires mounted.  My OEM tires may have had another 1000 miles in them, but I got this out of the way on a good day in my schedule.   It's about 2:00 now and the rain has lifted.   Hopefully they will be done in a few and I'll be back on the road.  Dave (owner?) is swapping my tires out and has been very informative about what he sees for balance and install details.

Looking forward to time tonight to edit pics and videos from the last few days.  Then will be off to the Rolex International Three Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Am representing Helite air-vests from France.   Details another time.

Ride Safe!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rain day,

Last day at Dowling Park and Suwannee Rive Wilderness Trail as camp host.  there were quite a few boring days, but every time a visitor arrived I felt like the governor welcoming them to a weekend or one day home.

The locals at Jiffy, Javier, usps and grocery store call me by first name.   The good ol boys at the hardware store for coffee know me as the guy who walks across the bridge.

There's a lot to be said for living on rice, tea and a BSA cook kit.  Will fish a few cats' for dinner.

Supplies seem to be spaghetti, oil, butter. mustard, rice, spices.   Bananas potatoes and garlic I buy as needed.

wifi and countless chargers are critical.

Photo ops have been sparse, but that's the photog's challenge.  There are always pictures to be had.

Will be interesting to see how well I have thinned down my belongings when I pack up today.

more later.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Motorcycle Bucket list thru June:  Starting to lay out a map from here to Leington, then IL where I lived as a kid.   Then GA for BMW rally.  Most of May and June are unplanned... am open for suggestions.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Interesting ride back to camp from dinner in town... details to follow.  Am working on the details... as I remember them.

"No, Honey... I don't need the GPS.  It's only 15 miles."

Let's see...   at 15 miles I found the inspection station but the Suwannee River was gone...

Film at eleven.


So I finish dinner with a friend and start the bike to head back to camp.  Nice to drive back before sundown.

All is well until I reach the AG inspection station...   It's the expected 15 miles but the river is missing...  (Mind you... the Suwannee river is not something that is going to go far during the dinner hour...)  

No Jiffy Food Mart.  No retirement village.  No GPS (it's only 15 miles!)

Find a place to pull over.  hook up GPS.  13,5 miles back to camp...   That's where I was 30 minutes ago...

Turning around, GPS wanted to make every left turn.  Every road it liked was sand...   Can't they build that into the GPS?  NO interstates, NO sand?

Back track to Rt 250W and now it's dark.   There's a truck waiting to pull out where I am to turn left...   no street lights so I go just past the truck and turn left...   WRONG!!!   The truck is pulling out of the sandlot for  commuter parking...  Did some dirt-tracking across that venue and back on the road west.

Then a ghost appears.   It's about a foot off the ground and weaving side to side approaching me.   Slowing down... it's a kid on a bicycle... no lights, no reflectors...  

Last 5 miles was uneventful.   Another day, another story.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Driving to Lexington and others.

Will leave FL on Sunday for 4 day drive to Lezington, KY for the Rolex Three-Day Equestrian event.  Will be working with air-vest vendor Helite on marketing to riders.  Then to GA for BMW Rally the next weekend.  "THEN will tour Tail of the Dragon and other routes and end up in Ashville NC in late June for BMW Riders Assn rally.  Should have some great pics and videos in the weeks ahead.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Weekend!

My bike is back and all my belongings are here from where I was renting in Oxford.  Now I have my cooking equipment, plenty of clothes, COFFEE MAKER, back up computer and two cameras...  Lots to organize.  Am putting up tent #2 for equipment storage and shipping a box of extras home.

Drove the bike to grocery store yesterday once it was back together.  Had big chicken and ride dinner on wood fire. 

The guy who picked up the Enterprise truck was great with helping get unloaded and suggestions for bike roads in FL and GA.  He and his wife are pack packers. 

No particular weekend plans.  Doing laundry and unpacking,  organize.  then get on the bike and disappear for the day.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Back from walk to town...  restaurant doesn't open till 11 am weekdays so I came back to fix a latte brunch.   the quick mart let me buy a doz eggs and leave them in their refrig.  Brought 3 back for breakfast.  took a cute flower/feather pic.  Will edit that later.   Going fishing after food.

The Swanee River Camp is about 10 miles from here.  I found it on a different map today.   Looks nice!

Met a state guy on the bridge measuring river level.  Says it fell a few inches but not much.   Still water runs deep.

Looking forward to telling you my wheels are back!