Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today's testimonial, with many video links: Boyd Martin offers feedback -
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Big News today! I am now marketing Point Two Air Jackets / Vests to motorcycle riders and dealerships! Will be posting details over the next few days and will have a catalog in place by the weekend.
These vests inflate in less that 0.10 seconds, triggered by a lanyard attached to your bike, horse or whatever it is that you may fall from. Here s slow motion video of the Point Two vest being triggered. Meanwhile you can browse details on the company website from Europe at this link: http://www.point-two.co.uk/ These vests were originally designed to protect equestrians from injuries from horse crashes. In Europe they are widely used by dirt-track motorcycle racers for the same purpose. Point Two air jackets "For a Safer Ride" Point Two air jackets are for everyone who has the potential to take a bad fall from
a motorcycle accident to mountain climbing, from children on ponies and leisure riders to top-level event riders. Whether you're looking for an extra measure of safety while hacking to the latest, revolutionary combination body protector and air vest. Point Two has been manufacturing air jackets for horse riders since 2009. Our products are used by dirt-track motorcycle racers, hunting riders, polo players, professional jockeys and endurance riders — as well as military riders and mounted police officers around the world. Point Two jackets are available in a wide range of sizes and colours, and all are re-usable, serviceable and made from tough, wipe-clean fabric. Choose from the original ProAir vest for children or adults or the revolutionary P2-RS — the world’s first integrated combination of a BETA Level 3 body protector and air jacket approved for use in competition. For details on selecting your best fit and to discuss the operation of the lanyard triggered inflation system please give me a call 7-days a week. Jeff Kurtz 570-401-4843 Point2@kurtzinpa.com
The weekend was spent at the US Pony Club Eastern National Championships on a photo assignment with GRC Photo. Great fun, great people.
I shot over 4,000 frames and edited out more than 60% to get down to shots with decent horse positions and minimum junk in the background. Gary (GRC) had 13 photogs, two sales people and the photo geek who did the final editing. People seemed pleased with what they were seeing at the computer displays. Will be interesting to see what the accountant can track for $ sold by photog. No ride today. Truck is in a machine shop getting a hitch welded up to replace the bumper which disintegrated...
More tomorrow. Jeff

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday has been so good! I did another loop right out of the VA Rockbridge Regional Tourism Roanoke Valley & Rockbridge RIDES brochure. It is labeled Little North Mountain Ride and was about 75 miles. I started in Lexington at the VA Horse Center (am here thru Sunday) and headed north on 39. Almost like traveling through the grand canyon, but with trees! There are a few scenic pulloff places, but my best views came from just parking where I could and hiking down to the river bed. Maurey River?
Tuesday: Weather was cool and cloudy. Valleys were blanketed in cloud-like haze of moisture. Up to Buena Vista in 501, east to Blue Ridge Parkway and then south. Lots of overlooks but several have tree growth blocking the valley views.
The Parkway had many more motorcycles than cars. Met a couple from Canada
and another from Michigan. Had planned to take the Buchanan exit (locally pronounced BUCK-anan) and started down really winding curves. Half way down came to a road block where some trucker had tried to take the road up and got stuck on a hairpin turn. Troopers were busy figuring out what to do so I uturned... (what a hoot on a banked downhill narrow road!) and headed further down the parkway. Found a really pretty lake on the east side of the road and stopped to launch photo project... Marvelous camera, high-powered lens, TWO dead batteries. Did some shots with Canon elf camera. Not bad for a pocket camera.
Made it to Roanoak and headed back north by northwest on rt 220. Scenic route, pretty straight but comfortable. very little traffic. Got to Clifton Forge and the sky was getting pretty dark. Asked for direct route to Lexington (people are really cheerful and helpful around here!). Hopped on 60 W and high tailed it (few drops caught me) back on 70 MPH 4 lane. Arrived horse park and figured I would let the storm pass before putting up the tent and awning. Spent an hour at laundramat and then back to pitch camp and enjoy hot meal.
Monday: Woke about 6:30. Wandered around buildings looking for showers and gave up. Passer by said, “They are in the back of the building across the street… no sign… Showered. Had leftovers for breakfast, and a jello fruit cup. Loaded top box on the bike with camera stuff and laptop.. Then the kickstand pushed thru the gravel and 500# bike plus equipment buried itself in the clay beneath. Used the approved “put your butt against the saddle, oright hand on the bars, left hand on something convenient, like the bright read exhaust pipe, (although I found a bracket to grip) and lift with your knees.” WOW, that worked. Will have advil soup for dinner, just in case. Drove to town to get online and come up with a route for the day. Started out east and found Visitors Center. Reviewed suggestions and started back going west. Turn right at BP station… BP ain’t there any more. Found a suitable road (has asphalt and white line) and turned north. Nice farm country, much like home. (I could be doing this without the commute?) Turned right in Steele Tavern (Town! out in front of the tavern actually) toward Vesuvious, VA. 58 East is a really twisty route, downhill for this section, with most curves marked 15 or 20 mph. My gps said I averaged 33 mph which is still probably pretty wimpy. Then 151 S to a water stop at a from mom/pop shop. Opened leftover turkey sub from yesterday. Guy pulled it to chat and liked that I was all neon yellow. He’s older (rare) and still has two bikes. Came here on a motorcycle cruise and never went home. Then south to 778 east ans 15 miles of sweeping uphill curves at 55 mph limit. Past the parkway and then 4 miles downhill on twistys to whatever town that was where I started. Stopped at ranger station to pick up a MVA map (motor vehicle accessibility) but they said I sould download it online. I said that the website indicated that they had them available and she pulled out a 125 page book and toled me that I could look at it but not take it. That’s a lot of help. That parking lot was so sloped that I needed help standing te bike up to gt back the road.
Arrived at camp along with the first of several raindrops. Didn’t last long. I unloaded, discovered that I as illegally encroaching on public land because my tent was on the cushy stuff 24” outside of the hard packed base created for RENTED CAMPERS. I asked if I could excavate the soft humis to the approved area and he agreed that I could have a one night waiver. 3:58. looks like rain is getting bit more dramatic. More later,