Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter trip, 2017 - TX Gulf

This trip is the result of last winter travels, and wanting to spend a month where it's warm. don't travel every day, and diacover an area in depth, or at least the pubs.

Donna hashad Padre Island on her mind since mid summer.  We looked around Vacation Rent by ( and decided to stay around North Padre Island for three+ weeks.  We split the weeks up into three different apartments and are now working on places to see and things to do.

Here's a link to our (growing) road map.  Will be spotting in potential destinations oer the next few weeks.  Jan 27th is our launch date, with three road days planned to get there.  At this point we're planning on takig the car and leaving the bike home.  Potential solo bike trip in the works for spring.

Bird sanctuary photography (new 2X lens!)
Local road trips.

Signed up for TX newsletters and are hitting up the vacation bureaus for ideas.  I like having lots of targets and then we have options based on weather conditions, energy levels and generally poking around.

Will keep you posted.

Nearby top fav restaurnats:
1. Ceviche Ceviche (South Padre Island)
2. Snoopy's Pier (Corpus Christi)
3. The Spot (Galveston)
4. Boiling Pot (Rockport)
5. Moby Dick's (Port Aransas)
6. Joe's Oyster Bar (Port Isabel)
7. Tookie's (Seabrook)
8. Louie's Backyard (South Padre)
9. Doc's Seafood and Steaks (Corpus Christi)
10. Gaido's (Galveston)
11. Irie's Island Food (Port Aransas)

Road trips

Year end message

Here I go again... at a loss to explain why I haven't posted in weeeks... months.   Just too much travel and not taking time to blog.   Although it has been fun.

5 weeks on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in Sept and Oct was great fun.  learned much about those towns, growing weed and western USA mother nature.  We now have a (soong to be) Giant Sequoia growing in a planter in the living room...  Details in 200 years.

I'll come back and work on this topic as time permits.  I've been through the photo files one time and need to go back to find the second tier of good shots.

If you ever get the chance, this is a great way to spend a month (or two).


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

30 minute job in two hours.

Good Grief!!
Almost a month ago I had taken the rear end of my bike apart, cleaned up the caliper, replaced the disk and put that much back together.
Finally this afternoon I figured I'd finish the job and bleed the brakes... but first... let's take the caliper off again and make sure I got grease inside the slides.   What could go wrong???
Reassembled the caliper and started putting things back in place... but the wheel/rotor/sprocket-side(which is floating on the axel... won't go up between the disk nor up into the swing arm.
After some cursing I found that the pad on the left was stuck not quite in place.  take it apaat and reassemble.  same problem... then I see the other pad had slipped down out of its holder.  It actually looks like there is a wide spot in the center of the caliper where you could install new pads without removing the caliper... fat chance...
Reset everything and kept my pinky stuck between the pads to hole them in place and insure first blood.   Then it all went back quickly.
I have the bike hanging from the rafters and was able to adjust the ratchet strap hangers so everything was at the same level and the axel slid right in.
Now I'm back to where I have been for a month and will try the bleed (oil, not human) tomorrow.
Happy day!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Travel Planning, Fall 2016

And now for something completely different... again.

Having been invited to the BMW Riders of Central California rally to speak in September, we decided, on the spot, to make a month of it.  This time no bike.   Train and auto experience.

If we drive out we'd be three or four days on the road each way.  That takes more than a week out of our vacation, along with being behind the wheel for about 30 hours both ways.  Donna had a great trip to Chicago this summer in Business Class on Amtrak.  Our spring train to New Orleans went well, given the sleeper for overnight.  This trip will be 48 hours on the train, each way, with meals included.  Then we pick up a rental car from Enterprise in LA and spend 4 weeks exploring as much of the Left Coast as we can manage.
Westbound Schedule

I'll add info along the way.  Will be just shy of 6,000 miles total from Sept 11 thru Oct 15th.  We are meeting up with friends all along the way, including great college friend Tony B between here and and Chicago on our way to Amtrak Launch.

The pre-launch evenings in the Chicago suburbs will give us a chance to see my sisters, Donna's niece, and make my 50th St Viator H.S. Reunion in Arlington Heights.   Great first few days!

Side note on technology:  My Google Maps is a complete map builder for creating turn-by-turn routes in multiple layers.  Both of the above maps were created on Google maps.  All you need is a FREE google acount.  You can have up to 10 layers.  The basic layers are typical driving segments with up to ten destinatons on each layer.  The time labels you see on the above map were added using a separate program called Snagit.  The RED pins you see on the top map, above, mark specfic points of interest that may or may not be in the driving directions.  Once you create a map you can open it from your cell phone and it will show your position on the live map.  Pretty slick!  At any time you can zoom into a specific area and do a live search for anything, ie: National Pars, Citgo, motel...

More to follow as events unroll.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Illinois GWRRA

We had the opportunity to join the Gold Wing Road Riders Association Illinois Chapter state rally in Pontiac, IL, last weekend.  Interesting crowd.  Very friendly but distinctly different from out usual outting with BMW riders.

First thing we noticed was that almost everyone there were couples, either two-up or convoying to the show.  Take a look at the video of their parade and you'll see what I mean.

Second observation was that their indoor activities pretty much replicate a senior center, with picture puzzles, WINGO (Wing-bingo), frizbee competition and others.  And... not much alcohol... no beer tent (no tents nor camping at all) to be found.

Pontiac was a nice visit.  The two restaurants on the square offered wonderful entrees with VIP discounts offerec by the Chamber of Commerce.  We checked out the Rt 66 of IL museum and picked up some destianations for day trips.  One of the "Hall of fame" gentlrmen was the father of s kid Donna had dated in high school... small world.

The Friday evening event was a parade and balloon release, honoring anyone's family and friends who had passed on.   Video attached.

The local theatre guild hosted the Saturday night pizza and show, "Life Is a Hoghway" with songs and dances with highway themes and 50's hits.  Gret fun!

Here's the video:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

August 12 & 13th camp.
August 14th Picnic.
Carterville, IL.

Make it a lakeside weekend with Friday/Saturday camp and ride and Sunday picnic or ride at Crab Orchard Campground and The Haven on Rt 13 in Carterville, IL!

Look up the event on Facebook or for details.  Some organized road rides and ADV dual-sport rides… or just head out and enjoy the Suwanee National Forest and Southern Illinois’ Wine Trail!  

We’ll have grills and coolers and firewood at the campground and at The Haven.  Campground doesn’t take reservations, but if you are interested, call and we can anchor a site for you.  Camping is $10 with senior card.  The Haven is $2/person cover charge on Sunday.  

Family friendly, RV’s welcome, any marque welcome.

Jeff Kurtz organizer.  717-620-9676

Ride leaders wanted!  Lead a group for us, please!

                            ADV Loose Nut 2014 loops are a definite possibility!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A community tradition

3:09 AM.  Sunday morning prior to the MOA.  Can't sleep and realizing it's the 5th (4th for me) year of a new (to the world) community tradition...   Did the pilgrims feel this way at their fifth thanksgiving?  Have we created a celebration without a vote of congress?

Earlier this week, one person at a time, people started packing and charting and then two guys got on their bikes...   Randy in California headed north and east, and then Dimitrios from Denver...   and the momentum started to build.

With no reports on national TV about a movement...

Let me digress:

from Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant, "
 And the only reason I'm
singing you this song now is cause you may know somebody in a similar
situation, or you may be in a similar situation, and if your in a
situation like that there's only one thing you can do and that's walk into
the shrink wherever you are ,just walk in say "Shrink, You can get
anything you want, at Alice's restaurant.". And walk out. You know, if
one person, just one person does it they may think he's really sick and
they won't take him. And if two people, two people do it, in harmony,
they may think they're both faggots and they won't take either of them.
And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in
singin a bar of Alice's Restaurant and walking out. They may think it' an
organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day,I said
fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice's Restaurant and
walking out. And friends they may thinks it's a movement."

Back to the story:

So Dave Corel starts posting about doing 175 miles with a bunch of dirt roads and his bike taking a "nap" (MC speak for 'he

dropped it") and Roy Hedman posts that there's one bike is his drive waiting for others and guys  (kyle) are posting pics of two bikes at some checkpoint where there are supposed to be four bikes and stories keep poping up on the internet about tires and packing and route charts...   and the BMW motorcycle community event of the GS Giant Gypsy Tour is under way!  Year Five! (emphasis added because I'm a blogger and I can do that!)

In a parallel universe, earlier this week, Jack Riepe started talking about a secret society of secret letters about secret bikes... and hundreds of peeps started chimeing in...   now is that a movement or what?

My first movement (not to be confused with ... N/m...) was from

Suches, GA, four years ago.  I arrived at a baren campground on a Sunday afternoon, popped open a 6-pack only to awake the next morning to find three other motorcycle riders camping around me on a mission to get lost for four hours in the 17 miles of fire trails between there and Blairsville...   Four days later we regrouped in Ashville to celebrate one bike over the side, some harry guy in a kilt and a crazy dudewith a stuck horn launching his bike out of a mud trench.   BeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeePPPPPP!

And we do this for What?   

(Later this week you can hear part of my story about introducing my motorcycle 'side'/culture to my non-rider girlfriend...   stories about her friend (and she didn't know it mut also MY m/c friend) Gary Zerang who was headed our way from Florida.  We weren't going to be home but he said, "That's OK.  I'm just going to Moonshine for a burger."  (943 miles each way) , when I speak at the BMW MOA in Hamburg, NY.)

Stories like this one and one about why I am going to sit at the computer for 48 hours on Thanksgiving weekend watching a thing called the LA-B-V and a bunch of dots creeping across the screen while guys throw themselfes and $20,00 motorcycles against rocks and blogging the whole thing on facebook...

So, the GS Giant Gypsy tour is underway.  I think the official number is over 200 people, men women and probably youngers (never to be considered children) traveling across our country to meet up in Nowhere'sville, PA (zipcode 15860) only to engage in meriment, bike adventures, story telling and more bike adventures...

and this is just the GSG intro adventure to join up at the BMW Motorcycle Owners Assn Das Rally weekend in Hamburg, NY!  Beginning in PA where they started this tradition five years back.  

As of this writing, there's not much more to report, although there will be much reported.  You can see the minute-to-minute updates on the GS Giant (GSG) facebook page HERE <<<

OK, so I'm turning in (again...) to wake later and begin my own entry to the celebration.   Unfortunately, not to the Gypsy Tour but as a vendor at the BMW MOA this year.. and a speaker.  Look me up to her the story about "Two-up in a Toy Hauler" later this week.

Please join myself, the GS Giants and brother blogger/writer Jack Riepe at the rally to hear more of the stories behind/within the stories!

Happy Trails


Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Google Maps - guide and review

The last couple years have involved traveling with a new relationship and planning ahead has become critical for everyone's piece of mind.

Long story short... a too that has helped emensely is a google product, separate from Google Maps, as such.

Just Google My Google Maps and the links will appear.  You need a Google Account (silly not to have one when it can completely replace microsoft in your life..)

The first page will ask you about starting a new map or returning to a previous one.  Nice that Google never looses anything you have done in the past.

Here's an example of a 5,000 mile trip we executed last year.  BMW MOA Finished <<< (above)

The finished product may look complex, but it's created in layers so you only have to look at the details which are important to you at the moment.

Each layer can have 10 highlights. Somehow some layers (like the pic on the right) allow more pins to be added. A layer of route planning directions can have 10 destinations. Multiple successive routs are usually necessary. All of this links to your android phone, so if you turn on Google Maps on your phone or tablet it will bring up your recent maps and show your current position (while connected to internet.)

We started planning our Winter 2016 Out West trip by loading a map with a bunch of "things to do."  See above.

Then we added "Locations of people we know."  (blue pins)  I am cerrtain there are others, but these were our prime candidates for sharing time.  The various icons represent categories of location like photo op or stay over.

Each of these layers can be switched off without being deleted.  A handy feature when things start lookig busy.

The we started plotting our route using the "directions" tool.
 Once you have a course planned you willl know relative distances to each destination and turn by turn instructions.  Having this display on a tablet on your dashboard is really handy!

We did this trip in our truck so there were a few things we didn't need to worry about... The BMW MOA trip to Montana was our second BIG trip with the 30' Toy Hauler in tow.  Using My Google Maps we charted every majot truck stop in the entire trip so we knew where we could refuel without trying to squeeze into a Quick Mart.  That was a live saver!

Adding in Memphis sights, BMW and Harley Dealers, Major cities and OK Rt 66, this was the planner when we left the house.  We free-handed much of the southwest to pick up Silver City, Gila Cliff Dwellings The Opera House (Pinos Altos, NM) and Bear Creek Lodge, not to mention ghost towns and honkey tonks around the south west.  We did divert from the shown route to pickup the IMS show in Dallas, friends and a couple day trips in San Antonio and any detour that looked better than the road ahead.

Positive features of My Google Maps:

  • Easy to edit and recalcualte
  • interfaces, updated constantly and stored online.  Interfaces with all of your PC and android devices.
  • printable
  • Easy to share
  • provides turn-by-turn detail
  • Has distance measuring tool so you can estimate where to do stop-overs... like we can do 500 miles per day in the truck but prefer only about 250 when towing the toy-hauler/camper.
Weak points:
  • would be nice to be able to "save a copy" and create alternative plans
I expect that in the future this service will interface and access even more Google services. but when you need services while using this tool you can just type in "motel 6" or "State Park" and it plots them right in...   Handy at the end of the day.

Travel safe... and keep your trackers on!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Another tracker app.

Go figure... for years I was the ultimate Spot Tracker fan...   but then I was traveling extensively in some pretty desolate areas...   TX and CA have plenty of mountain and canyon areas with no cell phone service...   including the wide open spaces west of Langtry TX where I had a fuel shortage.

Baring the event of no cell service, there are a couple apps that provide good tracking at NO CHARGE!  (other than a little data usage...)

The simplest is  and it's RoadID app <<<.

This little tool lets you load up to 5 contacts (email or phone) to receive messages when you begin or end a journey.   Pre-loadable messages advise what type of excursion you are on, and a timer can be used to signal the end of your estimated travel time.  Once you are ready to begin a trip you press START e-crumb and everyone is notified that you have begun.  They receive a "tiny URL" that links them to your track with updates every 60 seconds.

Here's a link to a simple run out to a private pond where we fished this weekend. LINK <<<
This can be particularly useful if you are out in you boat in the fog and need to find your way back... or so that you next-of-kin can come collect the remains... The tracks seem to be stored indefinitely.

Among other things, my family uses it to track each other running errands just to figure out if things are progressing or what may be delaying the return.

In much more detail the BackGountryNavigator app <<< has download-able maps, works without cell towers on your android phone (ande maybe on others) and includes GPS, altitude and speed indicators and summaries enroute.  I have the PRO version, at a cost of of out $12.00. This app can be set to display on a vvariety of bap backgrounds, from topo maps to  mapquest.  The photo to the right was from a dual sport ride north and east of Terligua, TX back in February.  See the Lt Dan article later in this blog.

See one of my articles 1/1/16 about using the BackCountryNavigator app at THIS LINK <<<

The details are complicated enough that you should check their tutorial before finding your self trying to us the app out in midst of nowhereville.   You can also use it to load GPX tracks into the phone and follow them.  We did this in Harrison AR for a dual-sport ride of about 70 miles.  Worked well, although we apparently followed the map backwards.

I don't think the tracking system works while you are traveling.  So far I have only been able to look at the tracks when completed and stored.  They can be transferred to Google docs or gmail or

Speaking of everytrail... if you are looking for abandoned roads (like the one we used 50+ years ago to access the south end of Little Grassy Lake) there's great detail and topo info.  The online version is free.  I haven't tried the mobile version which has a fee attached.

AllTrails is a little more fun and is free.  I have used the online version and the mobile app.

Again, whether on two-wheels, on foot or out in your boat... tracking devices take the worry out of being far.

Also tinkered with but not discussed here are

  • Rever
  • Real-Time GPS (worked to follow LA - Barstow - Vegas riders.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Finding the great roads

I know there is a Top-Ten list, and probably a Top-20 Motorcycle Roads list out there, but it's not always convenient to run out to Terlingua TX to savor the rolling pavement up the Rio Grande to Presidio.

Working on vacation plans this year, I did discover a couple tourism guides that put their state motorcycle-friendly roads into handy pamphlets.

One quick and dirty electronic way to find these trips is  This website not only has a good roster of tours nationwide, but it lets you add your own favorites.  Some of the routes near me have complete maps and GPX tracks.

When it comes to toruism brochures, here are a few that I enjoyed finding this year.

My first find was Arkansas Mororcycling Guide, which now includes 5 dual-sport (!) routes.
It's supported by advertising, but the details are great and it helps you plan a day, weekend or week.

"Arkansas's six geographic regions offer bikers diverse topography and scenery. Arkansas's natural beauty and unique, eclectic destinations are rapidly gaining popularity with motorcycle enthusiasts throughout North America. We are a motorcycling friendly destination. Unique motorcycle destinations, which cater to motorcycling travelers, are nestled in the heart of Arkansas's most rambling roads, broken by breathtaking visas along the way.

Download the Arkansas Motorcycling Guide

Motorcycle Riding Guide of the Ozarks
Motorcycle Riding Guide of the Ozarks

Last week my g/f brought back the Missouri Motorcycle Guide, published by Missouri Life.

"We've put togther 20 of the best motorcycle routes and destinations from every corner of the state. Check out the first annual Missouri Motorcyle Guide produced by Missouri Life Magazine

My latest find seems to only be available online as an article, but it's a start to finding Kentucky backroads.  
"“Kentucky has great touring possibilities,” says Jeff Cooke, a former BMW Motorcycles dealer in Louisville who has been riding since he was a teen. “There are some really fun roads, especially in eastern Kentucky.”

Oklahoma received my highest rating for tourism packages in general.  They sent a couple pounds of literature, maps and etc and we enjoyed the better part of a week just coming across from out Wild West winter vacation.  Rt 66 is well documented in OK and, although they don't have a motorcycle specific brochure, their many scenic drive loops, all across the state, certainly lead the way to enjoyable afternoons.  

I much prefer digital exploring, but there's something comfy about the printed editions which can be copied and shared around the table.

While you travel, shoot a note to help us find more guides from across the country.

Travel safe!   Jeff

North American Biker Rescue

In case you haven't seen it, there's a facebook group that has over 10,000 members nationwide (and beyone) who are willing to help another biker if possible.

North Americam Biker Rescue <<<

The group began last winter and is groqing quickly.  I have been involved in two assists already this spring.  One was a friend of mine who lost a masterlink in his chain on a friday afternoon in nowheresville LA.  about a dozen people got involved at locating him, finding a store with the part who would stay open until help arrived AND a biker nicknamed "Popcorn" who met the rider, took the chain 45 miles to the shop and returned with the part ... no charge.

Play it forward!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Speaking engagements planned!

Good Morning on a beautiful April day!

This weekend I received an invitation to speak at the Central California BMW Riders Association in September!  Here's the link to their event <<<  Below are the details as of today.  Let's all meet up and enjoy CA this fall!  Donna and I are going to make a West Coast vacation of this and October!!


  • September 14, 2012
  • 12:00 PM
  • September 16, 2012
  • 12:00 PM
  • Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds, Quincy, CA


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • For all ages - Camping, BASH Pin, Prize Drawings and Three Meals.
  • For all ages - Camping, BASH Pin, Prize Drawings and Three Meals.

PLEASE NOTE: "Guests" include Spouses, Kids, Significant Others, Etc. for whom you will be purchasing Pre-Reg Packages in addition to your own.
Registration is closed
The 27th Annual
Autumn Beemer BASH
a non-profit rally to benefit the BMW Community at Large
September 14-16, 2012
Meals are only included with a Pre-Registration Package!
Pre-Registration will begin June 14, 2012 and end Tuesday, September 4, 2012.
No refunds after September 4, 2012.
Acres of shade and grass for camping or RV hook-ups and plenty of Hot Showers! Contact Information:

Plumas-Sierra Fairgrounds
204 Fairgrounds Road
Quincy, CA.  95971
(530) 283-6272 - MAIN LINE
(530) 283-6431 - FAX

Saturday Night Dinner, Saturday & Sunday Continental Breakfast. (Pre-Reg Only)
Invited Speakers: TBD
Door Prizes! 50/50 Drawing! Grand Prize! Vendors! Swap Table!
Things to do Saturday: Portola Railroad Museum - Poker Run - Self Guided Riding Tours - Guided GS Ride
On Site Microbrews, Wine, Soda, Water and Food.
2012 BASH pins for the first 500 registered.  (We ran short last year and are bringing twice as many this year.)
Famous, Free CCBR Coffee from 6 am-8:30 am.
Leashed pets okay
Pre-Registration Package (for all ages) - $52- Camping, BASH Pin, Prize Drawings and Three Meals.  Please Note: Pre-Registration ends and no refunds after Tuesday, September 4, 2012.
Gate Pass (for all ages) - $40 - Camping, BASH Pin, Prize Drawings - no meals.
Kids Pass (age 6 through 11) - $20 - No Extra Tent, Pin, Drawings or Meals
Kids age 5 and under are admitted free - No Extra Tent, Pin, Drawings or Meals
There will be no Day Passes this year.
RVers and Early Birds pay extra at the Fair Office - Check with the Fair Office for pricing - (530) 283-6272.
Questions?   (888) 203-5871
Paper Pre-Reg Forms:  It is EXTREMELY HELPFUL when you pre-register online. You still have the option of mailing in a check rather than paying by credit card or PayPal. However, if you simply must have a snail mailed  paper form, you can request one via the "Questions?" contact information above.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rocking Terlingua with Lt. Dan

After almost two years of convincing, my g/f Donna finally agrees to wintering in the Southwest instead of FL.   We broke from the pack of snowbirds in mid January and headed south.   The only definite destination on my map was Big Bend National Park and Terlingua, TX.
"What's to do there?" she asks...

Well...  Ride motorcycles, drink, and as my friend and ex-BMW afficianato Roger "Uncle" Hazlewood says, speaking from his desert-side mancave across from Ghost Town, "I sit here in the gazebo and think.   I can lay here and think for days and days."

Most of the people you meet Terlingua are fair weather vacationers, ex-hippies, artists, and bikers of all sorts.  The restaurants fill in through the evening with vacationers and locals who run raft trips, the horse ranch and the few shops around the valley.

From home in Southern (Grassroots BMW) we we did plenty of scenic together (can you say "Graceland?) stuff along the way, so I put in for an afternoon off to play in the sand.

Our first stop was the GMS MotoRent trailer parked beside the Big Bend Resort where an hand scrawled sign announces that, "We are here mornings until about 10:30 and afternoons after 4:00 or so."   Such is the winter home of Deb and "Lt."Dan Dickie and GSM MotoRent, and my plans for the following day.

Dan and two other dudes were just rolling in from an afternoon off-road with 50+ MPH winds and sand so thick in the sky that the sun was little more than a glow in the brown glow.  Meanwhile BMW Ambassador Bob Sancken tugged off his helmet and coughed out some sort of sandy sludge, Bob "Waldo" Ganser commented

  "It's like a sand blaster out there," yelled Bob "Waldo" Ganser.

"Kurtz!  What are you doing here?  Are you going to announce at MMM this year?" yelled Lt. Dan.

After swapping a couple stories from the day, and figuring out who knew whom from my last visit to TX, we put together a plan for an afternoon ride the next day.

Donna and I started that morning at the Chili Pepper Cafe and then headed to Roger and Wanda's place for intros.  1:00pm nears so we headed back to the resort so I could suit up for the ride.   Dan had a Yamaha DR-something waiting for me and we did up the rental agreement. Waldo and Ambassador Bob Sancken arrived so we headed out the back of the Big Bend Resort toward Indian Head Mountain and 50 miles of sand and gravel.

Dan usually just offers the rentals and not a guide service, but it wasn't a busy week so he led us on his Blue 800GS and we caught a few pics of the team as we headed further to the Valley of the Moon.   The photos tell the story...  (Sorry, my G650GS Sertao didn't get to come along on vacation.)

Dan is a fun host for this sort of ride... He has this Tennessee drawl that gives you the impression that he woke up about three minutes ago or has a flask of "jack" in his hip pocket.

If you are looking for a mid-winter dual-sport ride get in touch with Dan for a bike to rent and suggestions on where to ride.  A couple weeks after my visit Dan organized a ride up the river rd to Presidio, crossed into MX (Mexico) and returned on the south side of the Rio Grande to Boquillas, just across from Big Bend.  You can't do a vehicle crossing from Boquillas, so it's an in-and-out day trip to MX with lots of desert. This would be a great ride for him to develop into an overnight package by next year!

If Dan's not available then find Waldo.  He is spending his winters prowling the trails and mountains around Terlingua and Big Bend.  Try to keep him moving... his stories take almost as much time as the ride itself.  The tracker map shown here is our ride traced with the Backwoods Navigator app in my smart phone.  Great tool for planning or storing your adventure.  Needs no cell signal!

If you think you will need contact information for these guys, or for anyone in the area, you're thinking too hard... Terlingua is reported to have a population of about 800 during the busy season... You can ask any waitress for anyone, using their nickname if you know it, and they will tell you how to find your target person, and just may go for their cell phone to connect you on the spot.

Other Terlingua must-do's:  Big Bend National Park.  La Kiva.  Ghost Town.  The Front Porch.  Chili Pepper Cafe.  The Boat House (biker bar in recovery). Earth and Fire Gallery (featuring photography byVoni Glaves!).  Boquillas, MX (take $ingles, they don't make change.)  Big Bend State Park (with movie sets from old westerns.)  The river road to Presidio, TX.

Have fun out there, and tell them that "that Kurtz guy" sent you.

Trail Rangers needed!

I have a buddy that did this for a summer... great reviews!

North Idaho is looking for Trail Rangers this year and we have increased the hourly wages!
Locations: Coeur d’Alene
This position works (8) eight – (10) ten hour shifts, Wed – Wed away from the home station.
• Riding a motorcycle laden with 50 lb of additional weight over challenging terrain;
• Operating a chainsaw
• Operate and maintain equipment;
• Inspect equipment to insure proper working order
• Complete end of project reports
• Confirm scheduling and housing arrangements with Land Manager
• Ability to work unsupervised
General Information:
• Works in remote areas with Land Managers on the ground while reporting to area supervisor.
• This is a benefited seasonal position, serving one thousand three hundred eighty-five (1,385) hours of continuous service.
Minimum Qualifications:
o Minimum age of 18.
o Knowledge of motorized trail maintenance.
o Must have great physical conditioning.
o Must have advanced or expert ability to safely ride a motorcycle on challenging single track trails.
o Ability to safely ride over a variety of terrain and in various weather conditions.
o Knowledge of motorcycle maintenance and the ability to make field repairs.
• There will be a pre-employment motorcycle riding test to verify adequate skills for the job.
How to Apply:
Go online and print off an application at:
For additional questions please contact:
North Idaho (Coeurd’Alene) Nate Sparks (208) 769-1511
Salary Range: $15 per hour plus $45 per day per diem, which works out to be around $19.50 per hour.
Thank you for your interest in employment with the
Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation!