Saturday, November 29, 2014

Barstow to Vegas, Day II

Will start blogging the day after a few more people are awake and getting ready to roll.   Yesterday I posted news at the top.  Will try to tell the story in chrolonogical order this time.   Someone follow with a spel chequer, Pls.

9:08.  James Valentine appears to be in the lead of the GSG team out in Manix Wash.  #50 on this pic is James spot tracker position.  the #49 is about where Uyt Ughh was at the same moment.

Brian is with Lior Moto repair thinking he has a coil issue.   Not sure where Landon is.  Guessing he's with James.

Rather than post play by play again... I am going to post the actual Facebook dialog of the entire day... 400+ comments from the Racers, the stuck-at-home play-by-play guys and various GS Giant friends around the world.   I know it's lengthy... but here goes:

James Valentine feeling get some gs riders! with Yut Ughhand 5 others at Ramada Barstow
Good morning!!
If your GS/A is sitting at home shinny with the new bike smell, consider attending the LA Barstow to Vegas, beat-em-up-and-how scenic tour! You're guaranteed to have a cold, sweaty, sore, hot, mad, sad time!
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At this point Blogger is going to run out of space if I post the entire dialog...   you can read all 12+ hours of the day at this PDF:  

I will follow up tomorrow with some details learned from the riders after the event.

Ride hard!