Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Brief Commercial Moment:

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wrightwood to Mt. Wilson with Inland Empire BMW Meetup Group

Great ride from Lone Pine Canyon through Wrightwood, West on Rt 2 to lunch at Newcomb's Ranch... then continued to Mt. Wilson for swapping stories and adventures.     Look up Inland Empire BMW Riders on Meetup and join in any time.   Mostly paged travels.  It only takes about a mile for the Ducati-types to leave the rest of us in the shadows, but everyone meets up again at the break points. 

My Video:

Experience levels were everywhere from 90-days to 40 years.   No beers were damaged in this adventure ride.

In a conversation I just had with one of the other host couples that I hosted with in GA they commented on why I got all the visitor traffic to my host site.   

Since the tent does not have Air Conditioning, TV, indoor kitchen or plumbing I lived between my picnic table and the campfire bench.   Happy Campers saw me every time they passed until the fire went out at night.   The KURTZ welcome sign is posted at the curb like everyone else.  

All other hosts always had their door closed between themselves and the public.

Yes, I too took advantage of the sites having water and electricity.   My computer is online 24/7 for blogging and photo processing.  The Suwannee River Wilderness Camp Rangers enjoyed that I was posting wildlife and visitor activity pictures to their FB page every day.  (yes, I carry model release forms with me.)  My Verizon hotspot for Internet access is pretty handy in remote areas.  

If you would like to try me out for even a couple days I would gladly visit one of your locations to demonstrate!   :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tomorrow's planned route...   (this doesn't always come to pass...)

West and then south to take CA N-4 up into the mountains.    That should be a good part.   Then 2E to Wrightwood and have breakfast. 

Further east on 2 and then turn up Sheep Creek Rd and higher into the mountains.   Gobblers Knob is the goal...   The map shows roads...   doesn't show if they are paved...   This ends up being part of the Pacific Crest Trail <<< and about 7,000 ft elevation.   Looking forward to a cool ride.

View Larger Map

From there I will see if there are paved roads heading somewhere interesting.   Wish me luck.

Edited a couple videos today.   First is the road back to camp from the Shadow Mountains at the north side of the valley here at El Mirage Dry Lake:

Next is a demo of the sound level of my Leo Vinci exhaust on my 2012 BMW G650GS Sertao.   Nothing fancy, just plinking around the back yard.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unique GPS Tracking URL

This just in:   Contributed by GS Giant friend Eric Hall,  WhereAmIRiding.com provides a simple link to the current/latest data from your spot tracking device.

Here's what I have been doing:   VIEW MY GPS at http://KurtzInPA.WhereAmIRiding.com

Go ahead... click around on the image below.  It's fun.

Nothing to do with motorcycles here...   just a video clip of the view from Rt 18, The Rim of The World Highway, dedicated in 1915.   Take a look at the San Bernadino Valley from up in the mountains.

Possible ride 10 26 13 with Inland Empire BMW Riders:

View Larger Map

Sunday, October 13, 2013

GS Giant exercise routine.   Guaranteed to improve balance and stamina:

-(A)  stick a broom handle through a bowling ball
- (B) stick another broom handle through another bowling ball
- grip broom A with one hand on either side about 30" apart.and hold about waist high.
- climb up on broom/ball B with one foot on either side about 18" apart.
- bend knees slightly.
- alternating hands, adjust your sunglasses,  for three hours, stopping occasionaly to pee.
10 12 13...    Lots of sand and good country north of Adelanto.

More to follow when I get my own video edited...   what was I thinking?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

El Mirage Dry Lake isn't dry today...   afternoon rain soaked the clay pretty well so the lake bed is off limits to all vehicles for about one week.

Got a new Michelin knobbie tire installed at Leo's Outlaw Racing MC shop in Phelan.   Lew is an ex racer who runs a one-man operation and swapped out the rear tire on my BMW in about 13 minutes...   no power tools, no soap...   just muscle and 12" tire irons.   I can recommend him highly... $25 finished!!

Clayton Anderson (GS Giant, IN) called from OR yesterday.  He's coming down this way in a week or so for a Horizon's Unlimited Rally.   Was re-routing throttle cable on his wife's 650 and wondered how mine was set up.

Eric Hill (GS Giant, CA) is running an off-road tour this weekend that starts just east of here and ends just west of here.  I posted 'space available' for anyone wanting to come over early and he hit me up first thing.   It's amazing how the MC networking groups create such great lasting relationships.

Had dinner with two cousins, Debbie and Cindy, who I had not seen for about 50 years.   My mom's family pretty much all moved to CA in the 60's and we didn't end up seeing much of each other.  Facebook has brought us all back in touch so this was a fun reunion.

Debbie has been a Camp Host for a number of years and referred me to the WorKamper.com network.   I signed up yesterday and didn't a job back in GA for next summer pop up first thing!  Enota Resort is on Rt 180 near Suches and (according to the locals) started out as sort of a hippie commune.   Will see if that works out.

Now that the sand has been settled with the rain I'm going out for a while hiking and looking for new tracks.   Will post pics if I come up with anything.

Happy day.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Click above image and scroll down to find EXTREME offers on all brands of motorcycle lights:

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Caution about desert hazards...   Most of the really bad stuff is left by campers...   Burning a pallet for a campfire puts about 80 screw nails into the ashes...   If the fire pit is on the ground and not in an established pit those screws are going to be in the path of off-road'ers within weeks.

Look for a good tire puncture proof product and put in in your tubes before you are 15 miles out in the sun with a flat.   And when you see peeps not watching their trash and fires give them a smack.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh, well...   If I need to find that my battery is low it may as well happen close to camp...   Had to jump it to get started.   Stopped in town for fuel and it had not charged.   Jumped it and returned to camp.

Pulled the battery and water level was way low in every cell.   now it's on the charger.   Will reschedule today for Sunday.

Tomorrow if off-road expo at fairgrounds in Pamona.   26 So. Cal. "adventure seekers" (meetup dual sport group) are going.  Should be fun.   Have other contacts to meet there also relative to El Mirage Dry Lake project.

66 degrees and breezy today.   More later, maybe.

Will go for hike and look for lizards and such to photo.   Will carry my tracker just in case.

Happy day!

This is the map for the trip that didn't happen.  :(  Sunday, I hope!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life on a dry lake...   El Mirage is closed today, along with the gov shutdown.   It's 20 miles to town and I'll save that trip for the afternoon.

Took bird pics this morning of chippies near the fire pit.   Will pick up bird seed and fruit to make a feeding area for them.   Maybe will see something interesting.   Gonna cut up a 5-gal bucket and make a bird bath.

I called the off-road expo and talked them into a media pass for myself.     That is Saturday and Sunday so I can go explore that.   Should be interesting.

Went to American Conservation Experience website.  They post that they want peeps between ages of 21 and 40 but I put in for a Winter Volunteer job anyway... one never knows.

Contractor is excavating for footings for the building at the ATV training area here.  He hadn't received a QUIT WORK email or call yet so he wanted to get the back hoe work done quick.    I used the restroom there and noticed that the seat was pretty grungy.   We should carry a spray bottle of cleaner and roll of paper towels.

Scarey as it is, I am managing the sand on the road in fairly well.   Not rocket science, just balance and speed... and lots of prayer.

Lazy day comes at a good time.   Wind has calmed down.   will have a fire and cook out tonight.