Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh, well...   If I need to find that my battery is low it may as well happen close to camp...   Had to jump it to get started.   Stopped in town for fuel and it had not charged.   Jumped it and returned to camp.

Pulled the battery and water level was way low in every cell.   now it's on the charger.   Will reschedule today for Sunday.

Tomorrow if off-road expo at fairgrounds in Pamona.   26 So. Cal. "adventure seekers" (meetup dual sport group) are going.  Should be fun.   Have other contacts to meet there also relative to El Mirage Dry Lake project.

66 degrees and breezy today.   More later, maybe.

Will go for hike and look for lizards and such to photo.   Will carry my tracker just in case.

Happy day!

This is the map for the trip that didn't happen.  :(  Sunday, I hope!

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