Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life on a dry lake...   El Mirage is closed today, along with the gov shutdown.   It's 20 miles to town and I'll save that trip for the afternoon.

Took bird pics this morning of chippies near the fire pit.   Will pick up bird seed and fruit to make a feeding area for them.   Maybe will see something interesting.   Gonna cut up a 5-gal bucket and make a bird bath.

I called the off-road expo and talked them into a media pass for myself.     That is Saturday and Sunday so I can go explore that.   Should be interesting.

Went to American Conservation Experience website.  They post that they want peeps between ages of 21 and 40 but I put in for a Winter Volunteer job anyway... one never knows.

Contractor is excavating for footings for the building at the ATV training area here.  He hadn't received a QUIT WORK email or call yet so he wanted to get the back hoe work done quick.    I used the restroom there and noticed that the seat was pretty grungy.   We should carry a spray bottle of cleaner and roll of paper towels.

Scarey as it is, I am managing the sand on the road in fairly well.   Not rocket science, just balance and speed... and lots of prayer.

Lazy day comes at a good time.   Wind has calmed down.   will have a fire and cook out tonight.

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