Sunday, October 27, 2013

In a conversation I just had with one of the other host couples that I hosted with in GA they commented on why I got all the visitor traffic to my host site.   

Since the tent does not have Air Conditioning, TV, indoor kitchen or plumbing I lived between my picnic table and the campfire bench.   Happy Campers saw me every time they passed until the fire went out at night.   The KURTZ welcome sign is posted at the curb like everyone else.  

All other hosts always had their door closed between themselves and the public.

Yes, I too took advantage of the sites having water and electricity.   My computer is online 24/7 for blogging and photo processing.  The Suwannee River Wilderness Camp Rangers enjoyed that I was posting wildlife and visitor activity pictures to their FB page every day.  (yes, I carry model release forms with me.)  My Verizon hotspot for Internet access is pretty handy in remote areas.  

If you would like to try me out for even a couple days I would gladly visit one of your locations to demonstrate!   :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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