Thursday, October 10, 2013

El Mirage Dry Lake isn't dry today...   afternoon rain soaked the clay pretty well so the lake bed is off limits to all vehicles for about one week.

Got a new Michelin knobbie tire installed at Leo's Outlaw Racing MC shop in Phelan.   Lew is an ex racer who runs a one-man operation and swapped out the rear tire on my BMW in about 13 minutes...   no power tools, no soap...   just muscle and 12" tire irons.   I can recommend him highly... $25 finished!!

Clayton Anderson (GS Giant, IN) called from OR yesterday.  He's coming down this way in a week or so for a Horizon's Unlimited Rally.   Was re-routing throttle cable on his wife's 650 and wondered how mine was set up.

Eric Hill (GS Giant, CA) is running an off-road tour this weekend that starts just east of here and ends just west of here.  I posted 'space available' for anyone wanting to come over early and he hit me up first thing.   It's amazing how the MC networking groups create such great lasting relationships.

Had dinner with two cousins, Debbie and Cindy, who I had not seen for about 50 years.   My mom's family pretty much all moved to CA in the 60's and we didn't end up seeing much of each other.  Facebook has brought us all back in touch so this was a fun reunion.

Debbie has been a Camp Host for a number of years and referred me to the network.   I signed up yesterday and didn't a job back in GA for next summer pop up first thing!  Enota Resort is on Rt 180 near Suches and (according to the locals) started out as sort of a hippie commune.   Will see if that works out.

Now that the sand has been settled with the rain I'm going out for a while hiking and looking for new tracks.   Will post pics if I come up with anything.

Happy day.


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