Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tire Puncture Proofing! Ride On Dealer

A BRIEF commercial moment.  Disclaimer:  Proceeds of this link benefit ME so I can spend more on BMW rallies.   

Order online NOW! Walking out of the woods is not a good thing!

(see the link below)

Ride-On Tire Protection System tire sealant (tyre sealant) for Motorcycles has been designed for use in high speed applications without causing vibrations. Ride-On TPS tire sealant for Motorcycles helps improve the tire balance, seals punctures from objects up to 1/4" (1/8" for tubes) in diameter, prevents flats and helps tires last longer. Ride-On TPS tire sealant for Motorcycles contains corrosion inhibitors that protect aluminum and steel wheels against rust. Ride-On also helps reduce dry rot and eliminate the tiny, invisible porosity leaks that cause tires to deflate over time. Ride-On TPS for Motorcycles saves you money by increasing tire life, reducing down time, and lowering road service calls.

Details at THIS LINK <<<

Missed post from last week:

OK, so I was lazy today...   Truck needs a head gasket AND a radiator.  Guess it can sit until I return next year.     I need a kick in the britches to get out of the house.   

Here's the agenda for the next month, I think...:

Labor day weekend:  BMW NY Finger Lakes Rally.
9/8  Knoxville TN BMW Rally
9/13 Head to Asheville for week of practice, new Heidi' rear tire, more practice.
9/20 GS Trophy Challenge in Greer SC at BMW Performance center.

Things are spread out enough that I will likely just stay on the road in the meantime.   I need to do more photography... having no place to be and time to shoot will help with that.

Happy Trails.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big day here at my place,,, or in my world, I guess one would say.   19 y.o. daughter flew to Ft Leonard Wood MO for boot camp.   A new life for her begins at 0-dark-30 tomorrow.   Teary dad here, but so proud.

About noon I received a call about a 60-day photography assignment that is going to be awesome.Will start sharing details next week as they come into focus, as it were.

Thursday leaving for the Finger Lakes BMW MOA Rally at Watkins Glen, NY.  It's only 170 miles north and most of that is two-lane PA farm and mountain back roads.   Should be a lovely 4-day event.  Looking forward to seeing friends from earlier this year and being back into tenting life.  

Next adventure starts a week later.   To be continued.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

This isn't really on topic, but impressive...   Looks like I'm going to work on cornering...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Crapola...   lost an entire posting while trying to edit...   

Here's a couple videos from my practice area:


This next one is just going in circles at low speed.  Idling, minimal clutch.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A bried commercial moment:    I switched my BMW G650GS Sertao to AMSOIL at 12,000 miles and it's loving it!    I used to feel plenty of engine heat against my thighs and yesterday afternoon was the first time in 5,000 miles that I felt any heat.  

You will pay a bit more for AMSOIL's synthetic technology, but the easier starts and reduced engine heat will give you many more miles of riding enjoyment.   Learn more by visiting my AMSOIL on-line center at .  You cn order online or call me.  Save on shipping by placing your order for warehouse pickup at a location near you.

Travel Safe!


Monday, August 19, 2013

As I drove across PA in the rain today I thought about you and a song came to me:::

You... asked me how I knew... our true love was true...

Then I realized,,, You were the right size... rain gets in your eyes....

Wasn't that the song?

GS Trophy Challenge expectations.

Who knows what to expect from 57 top riders competing for places on the 2014 Challenge in South America?    15 of them are GS Giants and I have ridden with quite a few of them.   Great people to have on your team.

As much as I like riding off-road, it has its moments...   and I don't like riding off road by myself.   I don't drop the bike often, but when it happens it's 500+# of aggravation and hopefully no injuries.  I have been attempting to work out on the bike every day.  Between flat tire, being nervous, lack of buddy system... some days aren't more than 30 minutes... Even If I muster that twice a day it has to help.   

In-house work-out includes one leg deep knee bends and back to attempting chin-ups.   Moved the chin up bar to the doorway of my office so I hase to pass it dozens of times each day.

There are pics here somewhere of the couple obstacles  I fabricated for balance and misc training.  Today I move them around the front yard and put in longer hours.    Today is last day here at home until Monday while attending NY Finger Lakes BMW MOA Rally in Watkins Glen.   Will see what the Giants there feel like doing.

Will post some videos of how the competition looked in the past and how it went in other countries.  Quite a motivation to watch what they are faces with and what's working for body english and maneuvering  :


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Sunday!   The Dan'l Boone rally is going to wind down today...   A very enjoyable weekend for everyone.   Saturday weather was spotty with rain on a couple rides, but we made it from Boone north on 194 to 221 and up to West Jefferson and Mt Jefferson totally dry!  

The valley was pretty foggy so the view didn't go much past the big valley where Jefferson and West Jefferson are.   Kenneth went out on the overlook about 30 ft further than I cared to venture and we got a couple nice photos.  Will add them later,,, wifi here at KOA is a little slow for uploads.

Stopped at a cheese factory and outlet store.   Ken picked up jerkey, Dale bought noodles and I brought back a block of garlic cheese.   PPics in front of the cows to follow.

Ken led the ride back on the same routes.  uneventful but more traffic and two firetrucks headed the other way with lights and sirens blazing.

Boone is a busy town with huge retail district.  Grocery and Mountain Restaurant are just a couple miles from KOA at the first traffic light.   The restaurant welcomes bikers, big menu (Livermush?)  and good prices.   KOA is also excellent.   nice store, immaculate showers and bathrooms.  The property slopes gently  so no one ended up sleeping in water puddles.

I won a great tank bag at the prize drawing.  almost everyone received something to take home.   From the attendance at dinner I would say there were about 100 riders here.  Oldest: 86.  Youngest:  19.  Furthest 2400 miles (California)  Ken won the classsic bike competition with his '73.

Breakfast is on... more later.

Travel safe,  Jeff

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Heading into day two of drive to Boone NC, home of the NC BMW Danl Boone MC Rally.  Yesterday was high maintainance picking up K&N Filter, new GPS and generally getting out of PA.   All interstate to Cumberland MD where I was stopped by a series of thunderstorms.   Finally gave up and pulled in here aht the Cumberland Motel.

The maps and a couple friends suggest that 220 s will take me thru the mountains and make a 400 mile 8 hr day of this.   Will chalk it up to a good time and hope for lots of pics.

Am planning a 'dawn's early light' start with yummy breakfast from Sheetz.   Will keep you posted.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pocono International Raceway - NASCAR and Truck Series.

POCONO Internetional Raceway - Truck time trials - August 2013

Volunteering with a group of National Guard and US Army reservists at the races!   Friday was great weather for warm-ups, time trials and the ARCA race.  I worked directing traffic into the main parking area.  The rest of the weekend is mine to enjoy.   Host Brigade (the 55th)  secured VIP Tickets for the military personnel and one guest each.  That should be an interesting experience.  Plenty of food, between we bought ourselves and last night's seafood fest at our host tent.   

It's Saturday morning now and the weather is pretty iffy...   Just started raining again.   Lots of rain overnight.   Jet driers are out on the track trying to maintain some semblance of drying...   time will tell.  Forecast is 40% until midnight and then 10% all day tomorrow.   Will head home Monday morning.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dixie Dual Sport crosses FL, Spring 2013

When in FL taverns, don’t discuss terrain.  You can only loose.   They think they are the 4th mountain state...   right up there behind Indiana.   This conversation will FAIL.   

If you haven’t ridden the east end of the King’s Highway then you have NO idea how sand sucks.   Imagine coming around the corner at 45mph+ and thinking you are on a roll... before you lays $200,000 in Beemers looking like Darth Vader took them out without missing a heart beat.   You think for a moment that you might want to slow down.   That was one moment too long.  Do a faceplant in the warm Florida sand and start paddling...   it’s almost a mile to terra firma.  You could be sipping Pina whatevers back at Flaggler beach, but NO...   you are above that...   (ya. so was I, This year...  )

Eventually things settle down to powder dust, gravel and occassional rocks.   You keep the throttle open because you are fairly certain that white spec is the helmet of the rider in front of you...   but maybe it’s a speck stuck on your face shield.  Flip your screen up to get a clear view and realize that the dust is as thick as 99% humidity and it doesn’t inhale well...   Just drive.  Keep the speed up and if anything important happens up front, you will be Johnny-on-the-spot.   The forgiving thing about dropping it in sand is that you are dropping it in sand.  Sorta self fulfilling.

Eventually your group exits the dust miles and regroups at a stop...   You suggest, “Wow, that was great.  Where’s the lunch stiop?”  The leader tells you that after two hour of riding out of Daytona we are three hours off schedule.   Isn’t this a fun sport?

Two hours of gravel, houses with zebras zoos in the front yard and rednecks in pickups yelling, “You don’t want to go there”  a tree lined lane opens peacefully in front of you.   the two tracks narrow to a tire width and the sand turns to brown sugar...  Lean back and add throttle, right?   Ya...   rear wheel spits out a rooster tail that sholda been seen on the speed channel.  (BMW sells this as a Dual Sport... sand isn't one of them)  Front wheel is doing ‘Waltz Across Texas” ( we’ll teach that next month) and you pass something that looks like a face with two wheels.  Not to worry... He’ll be there when you come back next year.

Next checkpoint, the ferry!   Will be a moment to relax.  Only 7 miles down that road...   SOLID SAND...  oh well.   Occupancy limited to 6 bikes.   You roll aboard and the gate closes... You hand the pilot a $5. He puts his tooth back in his mouth and stuffs currency into a high flotation canister.   At least if the boat goes down the family will find the proceeds.   

Go for a stroll across the deck and discover that there is no yellow line marked, “Deck stops here.”   This rig predates handrails...  Flotation device can be found under your... never mind.

On the west shore the gentle crunch of metal on metal signals landing.  We power up and blow kisses to the ground heading to destination...  

‘How far do we have yet to go and when is lunch?”    OK... rub it’s 90 minutes past lunch time and we have gone 83 of 245 mile journey.   The group of 4 agrees to abandon the track.   
Two guys  are heading home and two of us head toward Cedar Key following GPS.   Little do I know that I am following a highway speed-demon with no social conscious.    He Un-named but his initials are Tim) wants a checkpoint photo at the firehouse and will then headed 225 miles to home.   At warp speeds (compared to my life) we drive west and hit the end-zone without mishap.  Tim hits his “Home, Silver” GPS button and vanishes.  I find a beverage replenishment facility, wire-tie the cold-ones to my overstuffed duffel and backtrack to the Rainbow Campground.  Their admission policy is pretty lenient.   

Unroll the tent.  Unroll the bedroll on the tent and pop a brew.  Life is good. Dear mom, send food.