Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big day here at my place,,, or in my world, I guess one would say.   19 y.o. daughter flew to Ft Leonard Wood MO for boot camp.   A new life for her begins at 0-dark-30 tomorrow.   Teary dad here, but so proud.

About noon I received a call about a 60-day photography assignment that is going to be awesome.Will start sharing details next week as they come into focus, as it were.

Thursday leaving for the Finger Lakes BMW MOA Rally at Watkins Glen, NY.  It's only 170 miles north and most of that is two-lane PA farm and mountain back roads.   Should be a lovely 4-day event.  Looking forward to seeing friends from earlier this year and being back into tenting life.  

Next adventure starts a week later.   To be continued.

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