Sunday, June 30, 2013

This just in!    Personal crash test of Helite Air Bag Vest on GA Rt 72.  More to follow.   Three days to go until I arrive home after 6 months.

Who would have thought that even a low speed crash could be so interesting to experience and end up turning into a demo...   The guys were amazed that I wasn't the least bit flustered or concerned about having fallen...   With the vest on it was like sliding into first in a cocoon.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Misc notes:6/25/13


Headed North from Asheville and picked up the Blue Ridge Parkway North. 180 milesto Roanoak but very few intersections and little traffic. From time to time I rode with other motorcycles as we passed, adjusted speeds and parted.

Chased a storm north from Fancy Gap but didn't catch it. From Roanoak north on 220 weatherjust kept getting better.  As I went North the roads  got pretty twisty but nothing hair raising.The last  50 miles was easy crusin at 60+ with adjustments for curves.]

Arrived Yocum Hotel/Store/Campground about 8:30. Eleven and one-half hours to go 450ish miles.  Restaurant closesat 8.Store at 9.  Wifi access from store  but limited electricity outlets.

Will have to post pics of the towering rocks...definitely unique formation of earth's crust shifting.  Caught it just at Sunset from  two locations.'

Looking at the side roads and the local streams, I can tell this ADV is going to be challenging and wet.  Water-crossings are probably frequent.

Camp includes grills under roof and fire pits. Cooking should be easy.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Misc stuff from the RAid rally at the Biltmore

This is going to be all out of order, but stuff is getting posted so I need to grab it and post it here.

Clayton's great crash:

My photo album from the 7 day Gypsy Tour:

BMW RAid and Rally 2013 June 23, 2013

Cleanest Ride <<<

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

 Our ride Monday was pretty rough.   Same area as the water crossing but fire roads up high on the mountain.   Two ruts in the ground for about 11 miles.   The ruts were either filled with rocks that hadn't washed away or filled with the mud that had been between the rocks...   and some puddles...   One place the mud hole went completely across the road and was at lease 8" deep.   That's where the picture of the guy washing the sand out of his mouth with coffee was from.

Where I went down I had gotten off the road to the down hill shoulder and lost it coming back on the road.   We finished that area and two of us were just going to stick the paved options...   He reset his GPS and it sent us around the mountain where to where we started... then it took us on a paved road out into the mountains and then turned back into a two rut fire road...   15 miles...   again...

We finished that and got to town, about 15 crow fly miles from where we started 3 hours earlier... zxzzzz

From there we pretty much interstated it to Asheville, NC and I am staying with a friend here till the rally starts on Thursday.

link to photos is:
BMW RA RAid 2013 GA

I took it easy today and didn't ride. Tomorrow is ride in to register and set up the vendor booth for the Helite Air vests.

The rally runs thru Saturday night and then we take a day off and then take two days to drive to a rally in WV.   Quite a few people are doing both weekends.   That one is hosted by ADV Riders and is called the BYOB Rally.  Might be pretty fun.  ADV clubs do lots of dirt roads.

Should have some interesting pics and videos by the end of this run...  Will be home for 4th of July.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Sea Creek Falls -  Coopers Creek WMA...   The water crossing was great fun!  I missed Cliff's first attempt...  he almost took a dip.

My camera didn't like the wet-stuff... looks like it was left in a steam bath... will go shopping tomorrow.

Sea Creek falls Water Crossing, Coopers Creek WMA, ga

Things may be a bit jumbled for a few days, but lots is happening.

This was preview day of BMW RA RAid course from Suches east...   I think we missed a turn.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Running out of Food - The Assignment, not the Dilema

This weekend I will break camp again for an extended period so time to lighten the load in the food department...  

There are a couple things I will carry along:   Rice, butter/velveta (they share a tupperware container), oil, mustard and spices.   Otherwise everything needs to be consumed by Sunday breakfast at the latest...   

I think my December notes included the hint,"Quit going to the store!" -  definitely counter-productive, except for beer.

This morning it's Raman noodles, salsa, black velveta cheese with a mid morning snack of oatmeal (right out of the bag... uncooked!)   Like a granola bar that's been out in the sun too long.

That leaves one potato, one onion, two cans refried beans, 4 packages of instant smashed potatoes, half box spaghetti and several bags of folgers coffee crystals (which I may bury in a time capsle... yuck).

There's always a chance I could pick up something to grill in the meantime, but I certainly don't need any more side dishes this week.

Enjoy your breakfast!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Did I see you back in???

I can't believe how today has opened doors... or maybe windows... or gates.

Sitting here at Piknik table eating refried beans and onions and somebody yells, "WOW!  Look who's here!"

Scott and Kris (Ms. Scott) from Dixie Dual Sport C-FL rally!  Brooksville, FL.  They have been in the area for a week and drove thru the park to see what's here... Scott recognized my bike with the white canisters.

They pulled in and chatted and we swapped contact info.   I had followed Scott on C-FL ride untill my tolerance for deep sand and street tires gave out.   They head back to FL tomorrow and I will connect with them in January when I get back down that way.  (I think that's where I will go...)

THEN Cliff (BMW NC) called and said he's avail on Friday to do Coopers Creek.   Will meet for breakfast at Hole in the Wall and then head to the gravel roads.   I plan to spend two days getting in shape for BMW RA travels.   

More in a bit...

AM back...   Started packing for next leg of this adventure.   NC BMW RA rally with the three day trip to Biltmore dubbed Adventure RAid from Wildcat Lodge in Suches, FL.  Three days taking 600 miles to go a crow-fly distance of about 100 miles.   

THEN riding with a group from ADV riders headed to the ADV BYOB rally in WV,  details to follow.

Given this will be about 14 days on the bike with full gear,,, I'm stripping out all the extra tshirts, boots, back up supplies and souvenoirs to be shipped home on Friday.   It also occurred to me that since the destination is only 100 miles away, I could head there on Saturday and drop off my needed stuff at the vendor storage area...   A nice day trip!!

This is working out nicely!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tire selection and performance from others.

Here are some links to articles that I found very useful in understanding tire pressure ratings and adjustments...  

Dunlop tire recomendations from Revzilla <<<
Motorcycle Safety Foundation <<<  (mostly about street tires) <<<    The best information I found!

Was thinking of lowering pressure for 7 day dual sport ride with lots of back roads in GA.   Not much sand, but lots of rocks and gravel...   guess I might drop front and rear just a couple pounds but don't want to be too extreme.   Guess I will have several days and hundreds of miles to try some variations.

One thing, for certain.   Since the week will end within 100 miles of here, I will leave one big duffel bag of stuff locally to lighten the load.   Can survive one week with minimal long term supplies.  Leaving behind such items as:

2nd pair of boots
extra jeans
spare camera with lenses
cook kit (will take some food items and borrow flame where I can find it.)

Can likely find 30# of stuff that won't be needed for the week.

Will report back on results next week.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Drove Tail of the Dragon last week Friday... Slightly over-rated.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Next weekend NC BMW MOA riders travel from Wildcat Lodge, Suches, GA to the Biltmore in Ashville, NC.  Departing Sunday 6/16.  More details to be posted as available.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday GA update...

Looks like rain again...  50% chance till noon, then slightly lower.  I may run to town and on the way back explore Coopers Creek Rec Area.
Several locals say it's great fun for dirt roads and fire access roads.

Free Camping at Cooper's Creek WMA Near Blairsville, Ga.

Teresa Erwin

Free camping in some of the most scenic areas of Georgia can get anyone who loves the great outdoors very excited. For those on a tight budget or with vacation time and no money to spend, consider primitive camping at Cooper's Creek WMA near Blairsville. Planning a vacation doesn't have to break the bank, especially in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. While many people either have time on their hands or vacation time and no money to go anywhere, you can be planning your next free outdoor escape. Take the family on a free Georgia camping adventure and enjoy the scenic wonders of these amazing mountains of the south.
Camping Details & Information
Located 10 miles southwest of Blairsville, Ga., this free camping oasis is just south of the Blue Ridge Highway. There are several designated free primitive camping areas on Cavender Gap or Mulky Gap Road.
This is fairly rugged Georgia mountain landscape, and there are plenty of hiking trails. With 30,000 acres of pristine Georgia wilderness to enjoy, it's hard not to find plenty of free outdoor activities in this area.

Home page added

I have used the moniker "KurtzInPA" for several years and finally created a home page for access to my general stuff. makes some things easy.

Checkout the page at "" to have one place to link to my blog, videos, photos and stories.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

new boots

Leather repair guy in town finished the recap on the Dickies construction boots today... they may actually be better than new!   Look up That Old Soft Shoe in Blairsville, GA.  Ask for Ernie.   (he's the only person there, so that usually works...)

Why I like my BMW G650GS:

Mine is the Sertao version.  Wire rims, taller ground clearance,  Heidenau 60/40 tires.

Misc videos from BMW Motorad:

City Enduro <<<

G650GS at night - off road <<<

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rick Giroux Getting there is more fun!
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Jeff Kurtz Yes!~ Arrived via Cherohola Skyway. Exited on Moonshiner 28.
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John Stetts It's not the destination, but the journey and camaraderie that counts!

So many people comment on facebook posts...   Life is rich that we can share these adventures via the internet.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

This region rocks@!! So many great roads... nothing beats making a random turn and exploring around here. Saturday did the Cherahola Skyway from Telico Plains TN into NC. Then Tail of the Dragon (both ways and no issues) and finally east of the Moonshimer 28. What a terrific little road. Pics and videos will follow. 307 miles in 10 hours... and several food groups.

If anyone knows how to arrange text and photos in Blogger please give me a call...

This guy in a U of I shirt makes after market parts for Yamaha cruisers.