Tuesday, June 18, 2013

 Our ride Monday was pretty rough.   Same area as the water crossing but fire roads up high on the mountain.   Two ruts in the ground for about 11 miles.   The ruts were either filled with rocks that hadn't washed away or filled with the mud that had been between the rocks...   and some puddles...   One place the mud hole went completely across the road and was at lease 8" deep.   That's where the picture of the guy washing the sand out of his mouth with coffee was from.

Where I went down I had gotten off the road to the down hill shoulder and lost it coming back on the road.   We finished that area and two of us were just going to stick the paved options...   He reset his GPS and it sent us around the mountain where to where we started... then it took us on a paved road out into the mountains and then turned back into a two rut fire road...   15 miles...   again...

We finished that and got to town, about 15 crow fly miles from where we started 3 hours earlier... zxzzzz

From there we pretty much interstated it to Asheville, NC and I am staying with a friend here till the rally starts on Thursday.

link to photos is:  https://picasaweb.google.com/108474721505505420021/BMWRARAid2013GA?authuser=0&feat=directlink
BMW RA RAid 2013 GA

I took it easy today and didn't ride. Tomorrow is ride in to register and set up the vendor booth for the Helite Air vests.

The rally runs thru Saturday night and then we take a day off and then take two days to drive to a rally in WV.   Quite a few people are doing both weekends.   That one is hosted by ADV Riders and is called the BYOB Rally.  Might be pretty fun.  ADV clubs do lots of dirt roads.

Should have some interesting pics and videos by the end of this run...  Will be home for 4th of July.


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