Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Misc notes:6/25/13


Headed North from Asheville and picked up the Blue Ridge Parkway North. 180 milesto Roanoak but very few intersections and little traffic. From time to time I rode with other motorcycles as we passed, adjusted speeds and parted.

Chased a storm north from Fancy Gap but didn't catch it. From Roanoak north on 220 weatherjust kept getting better.  As I went North the roads  got pretty twisty but nothing hair raising.The last  50 miles was easy crusin at 60+ with adjustments for curves.]

Arrived Yocum Hotel/Store/Campground about 8:30. Eleven and one-half hours to go 450ish miles.  Restaurant closesat 8.Store at 9.  Wifi access from store  but limited electricity outlets.

Will have to post pics of the towering rocks...definitely unique formation of earth's crust shifting.  Caught it just at Sunset from  two locations.'

Looking at the side roads and the local streams, I can tell this ADV is going to be challenging and wet.  Water-crossings are probably frequent.

Camp includes grills under roof and fire pits. Cooking should be easy.

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