Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Did I see you back in???

I can't believe how today has opened doors... or maybe windows... or gates.

Sitting here at Piknik table eating refried beans and onions and somebody yells, "WOW!  Look who's here!"

Scott and Kris (Ms. Scott) from Dixie Dual Sport C-FL rally!  Brooksville, FL.  They have been in the area for a week and drove thru the park to see what's here... Scott recognized my bike with the white canisters.

They pulled in and chatted and we swapped contact info.   I had followed Scott on C-FL ride untill my tolerance for deep sand and street tires gave out.   They head back to FL tomorrow and I will connect with them in January when I get back down that way.  (I think that's where I will go...)

THEN Cliff (BMW NC) called and said he's avail on Friday to do Coopers Creek.   Will meet for breakfast at Hole in the Wall and then head to the gravel roads.   I plan to spend two days getting in shape for BMW RA travels.   

More in a bit...

AM back...   Started packing for next leg of this adventure.   NC BMW RA rally with the three day trip to Biltmore dubbed Adventure RAid from Wildcat Lodge in Suches, FL.  Three days taking 600 miles to go a crow-fly distance of about 100 miles.   

THEN riding with a group from ADV riders headed to the ADV BYOB rally in WV,  details to follow.

Given this will be about 14 days on the bike with full gear,,, I'm stripping out all the extra tshirts, boots, back up supplies and souvenoirs to be shipped home on Friday.   It also occurred to me that since the destination is only 100 miles away, I could head there on Saturday and drop off my needed stuff at the vendor storage area...   A nice day trip!!

This is working out nicely!

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