Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Went out to mow... but first:  put bike in garage, but first, clear driveway of junk so I can get the bike around the house, but first, find space in the garage for the junk, but first, create a space in the garage for the bike...   NOW going to move the bike and the mow... finally...   hopefully that rain clout will arrive within 10 minutes... but first, another coffee, stake that big tomato.

Later today:

Hi! This post is coming to you from the comfort of the dirt floor in my garage where I am quietly resting under the bike after attempting to do a 3-point turn in a one car space. I left the cases on for WHAT reason? If you can make it over there's come-along over there and a hydraulic jack just out of reach. No hurry, I'm not going anywhere...
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  • Jeff Kurtz I suggest that to qualify tor a GS Track competition one should be required to submit a video of this maneuver in the OWN garage.
OK... my decision is final...and this time I MEAN it!

The truck and trailer are NOT going to be hauling the bike on this winter's adventure...   All spring and summer I have been telling people, "Next time I'm bringing the truck and trailer because..."   (and I can just hear them thinking, 'WIMP!")

... because I'm leaving during the bad travel months and not heading straight south.  (wimp)
... because I can bring so much more equipment that I really need.  (wimp)
... because I could then use one of those truck bed tents and not sleep on the ground,. (WIMP!)

It will only be cool for Nov in MO and will be in GA by Thanksgiving.   Keeee'ripes... the NEFL MOA rally in February had ice on the buckets...   garden hose at the camper in FL in January froze more than once...   What was I thinking...

Nothing than repeatedly using the WIMP word while announcing at the GS Track at the RA rally to really burn the meaning into my forehead when it applies here in my decisions...   geeze.

Travel save!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In the interest of paying bills and keeping parts on the table I dabble in a couple different biz models.   For years I have been an AMSOIL rep here in PA.   If ever you want to look at AMSOIL products you can visit my online store at or give me a shout.

You can order online and specify WAREHOUSE PICKUP to save on shipping.   Here is map of warehouse locations <<<

Here's a link  AMSOIL Motorcycle Products brochure <<<

This just in!   Tonight's VISIBILITY demonstration of HELITE's Hi-Viz Air Bag Vests specifically designed for motorcyclists.    The demonstrations of the vest inflating can be seen further down in this blog.

Here is the LINK TO VIEW ON YouTUBE <<<

You can learn more about the HELITE Air Bag Vests for bikers by contacting me, 
Jeff Kurtz   

Inflation demo video :  

Crash demo videos:

or visiting Helite online at    The website is based in Europe and any questions left there from the USA will be forward to me.

Travel Safe!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Questions from my friend Bob who is touring the west on his brand new Beemer:

His email:
I don't know about this.  I can just see my $26,000 bike going on it's side.  It's a heavy piece of machinery and fiberglass breaks easily.  I like the idea in theory.  I don't know if we talked about this; but, I'm looking for an advanced riders school that teaches the same way as the police for slow riding skills.  I want to do a motorcycle rodeo or two.  I really want to learn those skills.

I'm working on my blog now.  Please take a peak at my pics.  The next big picture taking stop will be in the Redwood forest.  Any thoughts about technique there?  I loved your idea about getting the bike in the picture, getting low, etc.  I think I got some really good photos.  I'm feeling very under equipped and not knowledgeable enough to get spectacular pictures when the material is right in front of me!   Bob

My Thoughts:::

Evening, Bob!   Hard to imagine that you are out west having dinner and a brew and I just woke form a nap after dinner...   At least we are both enjoying super weather.

As for your questions...  Photography is like mountain climbing.   Check this quick   SAMPLES

250 years ago some guy with a box camera was standing right where you are with an assignment of shooting the west...   his pictures are in the library of congress while you are worrying about equipment.   I was out for that 6 months with 5 cameras and 95% of what I show people cane from a $125 Canon that looks like it had been dragged behind a truck...   I wrecked to of them in my travels...  Shoot now and PhotoShop later.  

The point of all this is, (mountain climber) moto:  "Think Less, Climb More."

I know what you mean about dropping your shiny new bike...   Don't know what to say...   I guess one can either be the guy with the 1956 t-bird that has never left the garage or the guy who's Corvette is axle deep in the sand, living the good life.   Dirt has become my friend over the years.   A lady in Asheville NC at IHOP saw me pull in after the GS Track Competition and caked in mud.   She asked, "Did you fall over on your bike, mister?"  I answered, "No, Ma'am.   I play in the mud."  .   Just decide what you want from your investment and live with that thought...   The only two things I don;'t want to have happen are dropping my bike in a river (Crossed 7 this year) or getting hit by anything heavier than a deer.

Get to some BMW rallies and see what other peeps do.   There's a huge spectrum of riders out there.  Ride your own ride.

More to follow.  (I gotta blog this!)

Travel Safe,


Back in the saddle...

WOW!   I went a whopping 9.6 miles this morning and it felt great but I'm sure not as sharp as when riding lots of miles day after day...   No more sitting around now.   Everything is back together  Only a couple lighting things to play with, and time on my hands.

Started practicing some of the balance techniques in the Lewis video...   That's tougher than I expected...   Much of that is probably because I'm out of practice.   We'll see what it's like after a week of effort.
My favorite training videos.    Control wins over speed any time so I'm working on balance, turning and clutch control.

Observed Trials was my first passion with motorcycling.   (back in the '70's.)   "Flying" Ryan Young is a trials rider and now professional trainer originally from here in PA.  I met his dad, Jerry Young,  a few years ago (and bought one of Ryan's old Montessa's) and had the opportunity to learn something invaluable.   When Ryan was young he wanted to learn to ride trials.   Jerry bought him a unicycle and had him learn to ride that before starting trials.    What a novel approach!   Ryan now runs a school in KY and coaches some of the nation's top riders.

Here's 15 minutes of Ryan explaining great tips on basic control issues...   I know... his bike weighs 150#.   That makes it about 400# more important for us dual sport peeps to take the time to really learn control and balance vs speed.

Ryan Young - Trial school_Stance balance, turns, bunnyhop

More to follow~   I need to get out back and practice!       Jeff

Jerry Lewis' videos were recommended to me by one of the GS Giant guys on facebook.   Jerry is  a champion dirt and desert rider who now runs schools, primarily out west.   This is a great first step in developing balance skills  

This is difficult stuff to do... amazing.   I tried balancing on the bike and looked like a drunken sailor...   I'm so nervous about dropping it that I last just long enough to get my feed on the pegs and I'm off again.  

Balancing on the stick on the ground isn't much better.   Sure works your calf muscles.   Will see how this goes after a few days.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday, 6 AM... still feeling run-down since Wednesday evening...   What's THIS about?   No energy.  Feeling feverish.  No bike ride today...  Looks like couple days of rain... just as well.  

Stay in, stay warm, stay hydrated.

My travels led to such a rice and veggie diet that I can't bring myself to complicate cooking with much else.   Brought home some of a steak from Outback last night...  will head to the corner store for eggs and onions and do a proper breakfast.


Facebook Answers to Ethical question:

Ethical Question: about 6:00 I'm in the truck driving north on I81 to dinner in Wilkes Barre. A guy on a Harley passes me (no helmet) and then starts fumbling with something on his bike. We're going about 80. His jacket was on the seat behind him and caught some good air and wailed away. I was far enough back that I headed to the shoulder beside his jacket. He pulled over about 1/4 mile away. My intent was to grab the jacket and run it up to him. I wait for traffic to clear and pick up the coat and headed to the truck... I look up and the guy pulls away without waiting for me... Must have thought I was stealing it. Should I: A) not have stopped to assist?  Wear the jacket to a bunch of Harley gatherings and biker bars until I find him. C) sew in armor to the elbows and shoulders?
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