Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OK... my decision is final...and this time I MEAN it!

The truck and trailer are NOT going to be hauling the bike on this winter's adventure...   All spring and summer I have been telling people, "Next time I'm bringing the truck and trailer because..."   (and I can just hear them thinking, 'WIMP!")

... because I'm leaving during the bad travel months and not heading straight south.  (wimp)
... because I can bring so much more equipment that I really need.  (wimp)
... because I could then use one of those truck bed tents and not sleep on the ground,. (WIMP!)

It will only be cool for Nov in MO and will be in GA by Thanksgiving.   Keeee'ripes... the NEFL MOA rally in February had ice on the buckets...   garden hose at the camper in FL in January froze more than once...   What was I thinking...

Nothing than repeatedly using the WIMP word while announcing at the GS Track at the RA rally to really burn the meaning into my forehead when it applies here in my decisions...   geeze.

Travel save!

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