Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Can't believe I have been home 20 days already...   Seems like the travels just ended.  

Bike is back from Hermy's BMW.   New sprockets and chain.
before                                                    after

I went to a 49 tooth sprocket in the rear, two extra teeth for a 4% lower gear ratio.   Slight boost for low end plinking.   Can't really notice it at speed.

Hermy's warranty work included rear bearings,  replaced heated hand grip switch and right heated grip, broken gas-cap, cleared ABS error message.   This bike will be brand new before it reaches its second birthday!

Have plenty more to do myself to the bike.   Side storage canisters are shot. (turn screen sideways)
The original units were Schedule 20 PVC and they took a few hits.   New ones are Schedule 40 and I need better mountain method to spread out the load more when lying hip-to-the-asphalt.   Not sure that I like the extra weight tho... almost 5# each more than before.

Also adding tail additional front and rear turn indicators and flashing brake lights.   All in good time.

Needless to day, I need to get blogging more and catching up on things that never got posted.   Next task is to start a calendar of upcoming events and target rides for next year... I missed two really nice ones this spring in GA and TN.   More to follow.    Jeff

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