Monday, July 29, 2013

Questions from my friend Bob who is touring the west on his brand new Beemer:

His email:
I don't know about this.  I can just see my $26,000 bike going on it's side.  It's a heavy piece of machinery and fiberglass breaks easily.  I like the idea in theory.  I don't know if we talked about this; but, I'm looking for an advanced riders school that teaches the same way as the police for slow riding skills.  I want to do a motorcycle rodeo or two.  I really want to learn those skills.

I'm working on my blog now.  Please take a peak at my pics.  The next big picture taking stop will be in the Redwood forest.  Any thoughts about technique there?  I loved your idea about getting the bike in the picture, getting low, etc.  I think I got some really good photos.  I'm feeling very under equipped and not knowledgeable enough to get spectacular pictures when the material is right in front of me!   Bob

My Thoughts:::

Evening, Bob!   Hard to imagine that you are out west having dinner and a brew and I just woke form a nap after dinner...   At least we are both enjoying super weather.

As for your questions...  Photography is like mountain climbing.   Check this quick   SAMPLES

250 years ago some guy with a box camera was standing right where you are with an assignment of shooting the west...   his pictures are in the library of congress while you are worrying about equipment.   I was out for that 6 months with 5 cameras and 95% of what I show people cane from a $125 Canon that looks like it had been dragged behind a truck...   I wrecked to of them in my travels...  Shoot now and PhotoShop later.  

The point of all this is, (mountain climber) moto:  "Think Less, Climb More."

I know what you mean about dropping your shiny new bike...   Don't know what to say...   I guess one can either be the guy with the 1956 t-bird that has never left the garage or the guy who's Corvette is axle deep in the sand, living the good life.   Dirt has become my friend over the years.   A lady in Asheville NC at IHOP saw me pull in after the GS Track Competition and caked in mud.   She asked, "Did you fall over on your bike, mister?"  I answered, "No, Ma'am.   I play in the mud."  .   Just decide what you want from your investment and live with that thought...   The only two things I don;'t want to have happen are dropping my bike in a river (Crossed 7 this year) or getting hit by anything heavier than a deer.

Get to some BMW rallies and see what other peeps do.   There's a huge spectrum of riders out there.  Ride your own ride.

More to follow.  (I gotta blog this!)

Travel Safe,


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