Monday, July 29, 2013

My favorite training videos.    Control wins over speed any time so I'm working on balance, turning and clutch control.

Observed Trials was my first passion with motorcycling.   (back in the '70's.)   "Flying" Ryan Young is a trials rider and now professional trainer originally from here in PA.  I met his dad, Jerry Young,  a few years ago (and bought one of Ryan's old Montessa's) and had the opportunity to learn something invaluable.   When Ryan was young he wanted to learn to ride trials.   Jerry bought him a unicycle and had him learn to ride that before starting trials.    What a novel approach!   Ryan now runs a school in KY and coaches some of the nation's top riders.

Here's 15 minutes of Ryan explaining great tips on basic control issues...   I know... his bike weighs 150#.   That makes it about 400# more important for us dual sport peeps to take the time to really learn control and balance vs speed.

Ryan Young - Trial school_Stance balance, turns, bunnyhop

More to follow~   I need to get out back and practice!       Jeff

Jerry Lewis' videos were recommended to me by one of the GS Giant guys on facebook.   Jerry is  a champion dirt and desert rider who now runs schools, primarily out west.   This is a great first step in developing balance skills  

This is difficult stuff to do... amazing.   I tried balancing on the bike and looked like a drunken sailor...   I'm so nervous about dropping it that I last just long enough to get my feed on the pegs and I'm off again.  

Balancing on the stick on the ground isn't much better.   Sure works your calf muscles.   Will see how this goes after a few days.

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