Thursday, July 18, 2013

Interesting day... sorta relaxing with some maintenance stuff...   Went back to bike show (Hermy;s) to retrieve cell phone, again...  and return expensive K&N air filter.  Then Cabella/s to return GPS.  Then bank to hope that the overhaul check hasn't arrived and wlll clear...   not much worried about the check, but I could be 14 days with no beer money...   living on the Social Security Edge.  

Took back roads down... Hawk Mountain  to Schnecksfille with Herby and Cabella en route.   Then north on 183.  'fairly boring but decent sweeps.   Stopped at local beer store and booked yardsale space for Saturday:\\

Ringtown Community Yard Sale Saturday - $1 (17967 Ringtown)

Leaflet | Map data © OpenStreetMap
132 w main st
Spend the day! Hundreds of yard sales. FOOD. Beverages. 12 blocks of sales, both sides of main street... every side street had more sales... Church parking lot is fully taken. Stay for the day! Visit VALLEY BEVERAGE for refreshments and 8 vendors on their side yard... More sales this weekend in Sheppton, 5 miles north. Bring shopping bags and maybe a wagon and MONEY!!! Tools, clothes, kitchen gadgets, GAMES, computers, antiques, lawn equipment, coolers, fishing equipment, baby stuff.

It the "haven't use it in 6-months, sell it" theory applies I can sell three bedrooms and a garage with no worry.
Will take truck and trailer and perhaps several trips.   

Wishing you a great Friday and weekend.  Jeff

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