Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Went out to mow... but first:  put bike in garage, but first, clear driveway of junk so I can get the bike around the house, but first, find space in the garage for the junk, but first, create a space in the garage for the bike...   NOW going to move the bike and the mow... finally...   hopefully that rain clout will arrive within 10 minutes... but first, another coffee, stake that big tomato.

Later today:

Hi! This post is coming to you from the comfort of the dirt floor in my garage where I am quietly resting under the bike after attempting to do a 3-point turn in a one car space. I left the cases on for WHAT reason? If you can make it over there's come-along over there and a hydraulic jack just out of reach. No hurry, I'm not going anywhere...
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  • Jeff Kurtz I suggest that to qualify tor a GS Track competition one should be required to submit a video of this maneuver in the OWN garage.

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