Tuesday, July 2, 2013

14,000 mile repair list

July 2013: 14,000 miles. Warranty items:

  •  Front Fender - I was told in BMW Jacksonville that this has an open recall letter. It’s not broke but I already paid you for a replacement. 
  •  Heated Hand Grips - Switch now only has OFF and HIGH positions. Right grip does not heat. 
  •  ABS error code appearing 
  •  Gas cap - came off in my hand one day. casting separated. 
  •  Accessory plug not working - checked fuses but no voltage in the socket.

Other to do stuff:
  •  I had 6,000 mile service done at BMW Jax. They also replaced rear brake equipment due to a locked up caliper. I changed the oil at 12,000 miles. Replaced tires at 9,000 miles with Heidnau Scout 60. Original tires caused handlebar wobble and they tracked with every little mark on the road. Hazardous off-road. 
  •  Broke most of the turn indicators but am not replacing them. Have installed alternatives that don’t break off-road. 
  •  Windscreen fasteners don’t like off-road. Replaced with bungies.
  •  I need to pick up: Oil Filter, Drive sprocket (stock), Am replacing: chain and sprockets. going up two teeth for lower gearing. Adding: Chain oiling system. (to be designed)
  • Rebuild front PVC Storage canisters with consideration of side-impact bumper protection.

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