Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July plans

Now that I'm home I need a plan or I will stumble back into hanging out at my desk and ignoring opportunities right here in PA.

 This week will be much house and bike maintenance just to set up an operating base again. Then the travel plans will start with exploring more of PA. Been here I have now lived in PA for 30 years and 5 months and never visited the PA Grand Canyon, Laurel Highlands and probably 5,000 miles of mountains and valleys that have been taken for granted.

 This is a good time to get involved with a group of nearby adventure riders and make it a habit of weekly tours. I met more PA riders while traveling this spring than I did in the entire year of 2012. Let's get organized, buddy!

 Today 'MUST" list:

  • Order Chain and sprockets
  • Unpack and store travel equipment in an organized fashion
  • Edit and post at least one day of the travel photos...   
  • Goal  Double the travel miles over first half of 2013 = 20,000 new miles by year end.
Motorcycle related business goals:
Happy Trails!!!   Will see you beside the double yellow lines.


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