Saturday, July 27, 2013

Facebook Answers to Ethical question:

Ethical Question: about 6:00 I'm in the truck driving north on I81 to dinner in Wilkes Barre. A guy on a Harley passes me (no helmet) and then starts fumbling with something on his bike. We're going about 80. His jacket was on the seat behind him and caught some good air and wailed away. I was far enough back that I headed to the shoulder beside his jacket. He pulled over about 1/4 mile away. My intent was to grab the jacket and run it up to him. I wait for traffic to clear and pick up the coat and headed to the truck... I look up and the guy pulls away without waiting for me... Must have thought I was stealing it. Should I: A) not have stopped to assist?  Wear the jacket to a bunch of Harley gatherings and biker bars until I find him. C) sew in armor to the elbows and shoulders?
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