Friday, January 30, 2015

Wintering in the South!

For my regular readers... this is a note to let you know that I didn't vanish... Just taking time off to get
to FL for a couple months.   At the moment I am at Holmes Beach and the bike is right outside the door.

Did the NE FL BMW Winter Rally at Camp Blanding near Jacksonville earlier this month.   Great fun, except they discontinued the entertainment.   Many thanks to Sgt Eric who led an on-post dirt ride and the many volunteers who put this rally together each year.  Another thanks to Bill Brandon who stored the bike for me up in Pinetta, FL.

Other than that I've been pretty much caged and doing tourist stuff... Nashville, Chatahootchee, Helen, GA and then looping FL counter-clockwise to Pennsicola, Mexico Beach, Stienhatchee and this week on Ana Marie Island.

Sunday I'm riding the slow speed maneuvering class with Police Motorcycle Officer Jerry Pallidino in New Port Richie.  Recommended highly by my BMW 1600 pal Bob Failla.   Story to follow next week.

The 'vacation tour' will continue through bike week and on to March Motor Madness in about 8 weeks.

What else is going on???   Lots of time to ponder maters on two-wheels, particularly driver safety and bike visibility.  Those stories should be here next week.

Travel safe,,, and good luck with the weather, wherer you are!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Social Networking in progress.

This just in:   The last few weeks, (or perhaps 6 total) I have been house-bound while the bike is parked at a buddy's place in Pinetta, FL, waiting for my winter adventure.

That's all going to start on Wednesday, which I will talk about in another post.

In the meantime:   There is an online educational website called and it's great!  Every day they offer a number of FREE seminars about being in a business based on creativity!  Bloggers, artists, musicians, photographers, crafters, authors...   And the content varies all over the board... fortunately everything they offer has had content that I have learned from.   Not going into great detail here, but you should check it out.

Among other things, it has become incandescently clear that I need to expose my photo work to more markets and broadcast a regular email.  That's now in place and my next step is to promote all of that while offering great content... and in the photo biz that means photos.

Here are a number of places that you can follow my activities and discover mow I, as a photojournalist, can give you something to enjoy or even try yourself while you may, at the moment, be knee deep in snows in the north or saddled with a job that restricts your ability to get out of town.

Here are a few links:

Instagram:   Instagram

More to follow, soon, I promise.