Saturday, January 3, 2015

Social Networking in progress.

This just in:   The last few weeks, (or perhaps 6 total) I have been house-bound while the bike is parked at a buddy's place in Pinetta, FL, waiting for my winter adventure.

That's all going to start on Wednesday, which I will talk about in another post.

In the meantime:   There is an online educational website called and it's great!  Every day they offer a number of FREE seminars about being in a business based on creativity!  Bloggers, artists, musicians, photographers, crafters, authors...   And the content varies all over the board... fortunately everything they offer has had content that I have learned from.   Not going into great detail here, but you should check it out.

Among other things, it has become incandescently clear that I need to expose my photo work to more markets and broadcast a regular email.  That's now in place and my next step is to promote all of that while offering great content... and in the photo biz that means photos.

Here are a number of places that you can follow my activities and discover mow I, as a photojournalist, can give you something to enjoy or even try yourself while you may, at the moment, be knee deep in snows in the north or saddled with a job that restricts your ability to get out of town.

Here are a few links:

Instagram:   Instagram

More to follow, soon, I promise.


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