Thursday, October 22, 2015

Relatives to Hand Held devices...

Here are a few things that are standard equipment in cars and trucks…  These are features that require the driver to take their eyes and at least one hand OFF THE ROAD!  Why aren’t they all converted to voice actuated?  

Push Button Radios / physical CD’s
Cup Holders vs camelback’s
Lip Stick and vanity mirrors?
Air conditioning controls
Instrument clusters (soon to be incorporated into motorcycle helmet screens.

No wonder, “I didn’t see him.”

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Toy hauler for sale!

Details of Forest River Wild Cat Cherokee Toy Hauler:  2005 model.   30’ trailer with 8’x8’ deck.
camper at white acres.jpg

Camper cabin is 17’ long. Deck is 8’x8’ Diamond Plate with T-111 section added for traction.  Sleeps 6.  All the amenities:  Elect/Propane Refrigerator, AC, Microwave, 100 gal. fresh water storage, Gas range/oven, AM/FM/ CD player with 4 interior speakers and bass speaker plus two exterior speakers.

New Tires (5,000 miles.)  Added Brake/turn indicator lights at rear and sides.IMG_0518.JPG

Curb Weight is #5,288.  Equates to #528 pounds tongue load.   GVRW is #9,842 yielding a cargo capacity of #4,554.  IMG_0516.JPG

Includes 2 - 14” x 6’ ramps with T-111 and cleats added.  Plus two 24” extension ramps.  4 extra anchor points (tie-downs) added.IMG_0519.JPG

Checkered Flag Awning.   Some fraying over the entry door.   You can pick out a new awning and we will install it.  $225.  No charge for labor.

Our price is $12,500 because it’s worth it.   I recently started selling for AmeriDeckMidwest and have a hydraulic lift deck that moves my bike into the truck bed.  No longer needing a ‘toy hauler’ as such, am looking to upgrade to a longer camper section with less length overall.  Will consider trade for suitable camper in similar condition.

This unit sold for $24,000 new and is now sold (in models from various manufacturers) for about $32,000.IMG_0519.JPG

Shop and compare.

Interior photos:IMG_0520.JPG