Sunday, October 11, 2015

Toy hauler for sale!

Details of Forest River Wild Cat Cherokee Toy Hauler:  2005 model.   30’ trailer with 8’x8’ deck.
camper at white acres.jpg

Camper cabin is 17’ long. Deck is 8’x8’ Diamond Plate with T-111 section added for traction.  Sleeps 6.  All the amenities:  Elect/Propane Refrigerator, AC, Microwave, 100 gal. fresh water storage, Gas range/oven, AM/FM/ CD player with 4 interior speakers and bass speaker plus two exterior speakers.

New Tires (5,000 miles.)  Added Brake/turn indicator lights at rear and sides.IMG_0518.JPG

Curb Weight is #5,288.  Equates to #528 pounds tongue load.   GVRW is #9,842 yielding a cargo capacity of #4,554.  IMG_0516.JPG

Includes 2 - 14” x 6’ ramps with T-111 and cleats added.  Plus two 24” extension ramps.  4 extra anchor points (tie-downs) added.IMG_0519.JPG

Checkered Flag Awning.   Some fraying over the entry door.   You can pick out a new awning and we will install it.  $225.  No charge for labor.

Our price is $12,500 because it’s worth it.   I recently started selling for AmeriDeckMidwest and have a hydraulic lift deck that moves my bike into the truck bed.  No longer needing a ‘toy hauler’ as such, am looking to upgrade to a longer camper section with less length overall.  Will consider trade for suitable camper in similar condition.

This unit sold for $24,000 new and is now sold (in models from various manufacturers) for about $32,000.IMG_0519.JPG

Shop and compare.

Interior photos:IMG_0520.JPG





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