Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015 BMW NightRiders Husker Rally

What a surprise this weekend was...   Mid August, headed home from Yellowstone and Tetons after the BMW MOA rally... 

Mid morning, only 50 miles into the day, we pulled into Franklin, NE, and I pulled over to turn on the windshield-mounted GoPro...  then the truck hesitated...   Depressed the pedal and nothing...   truck would move at idle speed but nothing more...   pumping the pedal brought lots of smoke but no power.

Long story short... local mechanic suggested two Chevy dealers and then realized the bike on the Toy Hauler deck was a BMW .   "There's a BMW rally here this weekend!"   Hence we joined the 33rd BMW NightRiders Huskers rally for the next 6 days.

The mechanic towed the camper out to the fairgrounds.   AAA towed the truck to a dealer.   We enjoyed 115 new friends and great food for the next 6 days... at the rally price of $35 each... including food and camping!!  Thanks to all the staff at the rally and to Richard and John for getting us connected. 

Will consider this rally as a destination net year... they have hundreds of miles of gravel and "not maintained" roads to play with.

Here's some of the imagery from the weekend:

 The entire photo album is available HERE <<< 

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