Thursday, September 3, 2015 road finder

Have you been looking for maps of the lesser roads?

 While looking for roads that friend Bryan Reynolds and I rode last weekend, I ran across

The site is intended for hiking and bicycle trails, but has great detail of the roads getting to those trailheads.   Here's the link that will take you to the trail pictured above:  Trail of Tears

You may have to sign into the account to access it, but it's free.  Once there, look at the text icon at the top of the map.   It probably says 'All Trails'.   Change that to 'Terrain' to get a better view of the roads.   Looks like it has stuff that definitely isn't on the state maps.

There are many options on the website.   I haven't done much with it, but will post more after I have experimented.  Let me know what apps you are using and how they are working for you.

Happy Trails!  Jeff

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