Sunday, November 24, 2019

Back on the road!  Not full time, but getting my feet wet again.  For some reason I started feeling like riding again and went to look at some BMW 1600's.  Turned out to be HUGE bikes and way over my strength level.  Then I thought about Fred's Honda with automatic tranny.  Found one 20 miles away!

2015 Honda CTX700.  I really need to check the VI # to see exactly what it is. The dealer has been around for 50 years but is pretty casual in providing details. Didn't even have an owners manual...

In the first 24 ours I've found probably $1,000 in aftermarket parts I could add.  Exhaust, shock, oiler, radiator guard, driving lights, extra brake lights, power strip...

Test drive was almost scary.  The fot pegs are WAYYY forward in a cruiser position.  I rolled on the throttle and lifted my feet to get on the pegs.  Couldn't find them!  That will take some miles to get comfy with.  Came to a stop and felt like my feet would never get back to the ground from where the pegs are.

Automatic tranny is slick. Rolled from 1st into 2nd and 3rd with no jerk and no hesitation.  I didn't use much throttle on that first ride but will apply more when I take it out today.  Will add pics and keep you posted.

Happy Trails!

(Wow... look at that... first post in 12 months!