Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Wednesday!  Getting back into the writing mode.   No travels today.  Bike is at Hermy's for odds and ends of mostly warranty stuff...   I had them replace the chain and sprockets and they found rear bearings shot.  They said that the only risk would be that the rear wheel would just fall off...   interesting concept.

I would guess that BMW has now spent more on warranty work on this bike in one year than I paid for the bike.   They are missing a part so the bike sits in shop.  Hopefully today.  They haven't gotten to the ABS error code.   It's probably a numeric message which indicates that the rear wheel is about to fall off.

How can my $90 cell phone tell me the time, temp and location of nearest saloon and my bike can't speak in english...

Hermy's DID give me a loaner bike so I tagged up with customer Bob and headed to Cracker Barrel for breakfast ans story swapping.   He's headed to CA in a couple weeks.  His blog is HERE <<<

From there I headed to Cabella's and picked up a $125 GPS for $59.  Will be improvement from fumbling with rand McNally at 75 MPH.

Here's the sprocket yesterday.

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