Monday, July 15, 2013

Idle thoughts.

Home for 7 days...   lost 15# in 6 months... put 4 back on over the weekend at a horse show.

Bike goes to Hermy's for makeover this morning.  Chain, sprockets, lost parts, warranty items.   Then I go back on the road... Considering (whichmeans that I decided) to go to Motorad CA at Mosport in Canada in August.  442 miles, three corners.

Meanwhile I need to post a couple idle thoughts that flashed across the screen:

Geeking is just my way of (word for) being creative.  Ex-engineer... I over-think most things.   Usually something gets invented.   Even my ex (who hates everything about me) raves about my creativity.  Lots of fans around the east... long story.   (and I do tell long stories...)

snapshots while I was attempting to mow today.

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