Thursday, June 13, 2013

Running out of Food - The Assignment, not the Dilema

This weekend I will break camp again for an extended period so time to lighten the load in the food department...  

There are a couple things I will carry along:   Rice, butter/velveta (they share a tupperware container), oil, mustard and spices.   Otherwise everything needs to be consumed by Sunday breakfast at the latest...   

I think my December notes included the hint,"Quit going to the store!" -  definitely counter-productive, except for beer.

This morning it's Raman noodles, salsa, black velveta cheese with a mid morning snack of oatmeal (right out of the bag... uncooked!)   Like a granola bar that's been out in the sun too long.

That leaves one potato, one onion, two cans refried beans, 4 packages of instant smashed potatoes, half box spaghetti and several bags of folgers coffee crystals (which I may bury in a time capsle... yuck).

There's always a chance I could pick up something to grill in the meantime, but I certainly don't need any more side dishes this week.

Enjoy your breakfast!


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