Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Sunday!   The Dan'l Boone rally is going to wind down today...   A very enjoyable weekend for everyone.   Saturday weather was spotty with rain on a couple rides, but we made it from Boone north on 194 to 221 and up to West Jefferson and Mt Jefferson totally dry!  

The valley was pretty foggy so the view didn't go much past the big valley where Jefferson and West Jefferson are.   Kenneth went out on the overlook about 30 ft further than I cared to venture and we got a couple nice photos.  Will add them later,,, wifi here at KOA is a little slow for uploads.

Stopped at a cheese factory and outlet store.   Ken picked up jerkey, Dale bought noodles and I brought back a block of garlic cheese.   PPics in front of the cows to follow.

Ken led the ride back on the same routes.  uneventful but more traffic and two firetrucks headed the other way with lights and sirens blazing.

Boone is a busy town with huge retail district.  Grocery and Mountain Restaurant are just a couple miles from KOA at the first traffic light.   The restaurant welcomes bikers, big menu (Livermush?)  and good prices.   KOA is also excellent.   nice store, immaculate showers and bathrooms.  The property slopes gently  so no one ended up sleeping in water puddles.

I won a great tank bag at the prize drawing.  almost everyone received something to take home.   From the attendance at dinner I would say there were about 100 riders here.  Oldest: 86.  Youngest:  19.  Furthest 2400 miles (California)  Ken won the classsic bike competition with his '73.

Breakfast is on... more later.

Travel safe,  Jeff

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