Monday, August 19, 2013

GS Trophy Challenge expectations.

Who knows what to expect from 57 top riders competing for places on the 2014 Challenge in South America?    15 of them are GS Giants and I have ridden with quite a few of them.   Great people to have on your team.

As much as I like riding off-road, it has its moments...   and I don't like riding off road by myself.   I don't drop the bike often, but when it happens it's 500+# of aggravation and hopefully no injuries.  I have been attempting to work out on the bike every day.  Between flat tire, being nervous, lack of buddy system... some days aren't more than 30 minutes... Even If I muster that twice a day it has to help.   

In-house work-out includes one leg deep knee bends and back to attempting chin-ups.   Moved the chin up bar to the doorway of my office so I hase to pass it dozens of times each day.

There are pics here somewhere of the couple obstacles  I fabricated for balance and misc training.  Today I move them around the front yard and put in longer hours.    Today is last day here at home until Monday while attending NY Finger Lakes BMW MOA Rally in Watkins Glen.   Will see what the Giants there feel like doing.

Will post some videos of how the competition looked in the past and how it went in other countries.  Quite a motivation to watch what they are faces with and what's working for body english and maneuvering  :


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