Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why I leave tires around

How timely!   I'm looking at the Heidenau rear tire (new in August) and it's not going to be in any shape for LA to Vegas in two weeks... 2,000 out there will use up quite a bit of it.

Out in the garage I have a Continental TKC 80 from this summer... can't remember where I brought it from... hmmm... I have no idea where I brought it from.  

Anyway... it looks find so it will go to Baja with me late next week.

Donna has a good friend who is in Oklahoma City on a FFA assignment and will host me next week Friday night.  then to Gallup, NM and last day will be to Barstow.  Talked to the Volunteer Coordinator at El Mirage and will camp there for a couple nights before the race on Thursday.

More as time permits.

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