Friday, November 28, 2014

Raceday, GS Giants LA to Barstow

 This blog takes place in reverse chronical order , starting with details from Brian's lost-in-the-desert moment...

6:15CST AM Saturday.  Brian posted that he got picked up by the sweep vehicle and fueled about 1:00 AM his time.  This last map is him headed to Barstow.  He posted that he arrived about 1:45 and parked the bike at Lior Moto repair for morning service.

We will all be back online in a few minutes with a new play-by-play for the Barstow to Vegas challenge and another sleepless day watching our GS Giants impressing the troops.   Ride safe guys!

For you recent viewers.  This post was assembled in reverse order.   The race starts at the bottom of the page and ends here.

Here is the link to a 40+ page Facebook thread following the racers and the comentators through the 30 some hour event:

Dan Stys photo

Now then... Here is where we ended that night and backtracking thru the day.  This is not a duplicate of the Facebook conversations.

12:05 AM Friday night:

I would like to be saying "all in, all done," but Brian is still out in the desert.  12:05 AM their time.   James had a flat and found help with a tube in his tubeless.  Brian ran out of gas and the sweeps said HI and wished him well.  Photog Dan Stys got to Barstow and is picking up some shots for the after action report.  Yut is praising the guys on big bikes for their accomplishments.   Big thanks for Randy Owens and Kyle Brandengerg for picking up the conversation when I faded tonight.  GS Giants rock!

Brian headed south fast.   one more mountain to cover.   James and Landon are on downhill stretch north of Barstow.  Yut is in the bar waiting.  Free lunch.

5:40... really big detour
Landon and James 5:30   long switch back.   Yut has arrived Barstow.

Landon and James.  4:50.  At least an hour out.   Brian is maybe 30 minutes behind.

4:37 Yut closing on Barstow.  No mistakes, no mechanical issues... looks like a great performance.

James Landon southbound
4:27 James and Landon in nowhere's ville and headed to Barstow...   must be tiring...

4:06  Just talked to Brian.  at Ridgecrest for fuel.  He's tired but in good spirits.  Getting fuel.  I think the worst for today is behind him.  He thanks you all for the good vibes.

Yut closing on Barstow!

Landon and James finished a mountain loop south toward Barstow.   The Journey continues!!   Several of us old guys are enjoying the bench racing.

3:18  Yut out in the wilderness... who wants to connect these dots???

Landon and James are southbound after fuel stop.  Hoping not to get stopped for doing 180 thru town ...

2:10  Yut is making time southbound on and off Rt 395.  They are quite a bit north of Barstow.  Depending on what they get thrown into this afternoon he could be in early.   I have no way of estimating miles, but I think Ridgecrest (furthest north spot) was lunch and half way.

2:00  Brian took hwy to alt mountain rd and now is atop Black Mountain.   that should put him as little as 30 minutes behind James and Landon.

Following on various Spot tracker and cell phone tracking systems is a challenge.   They don't all update together.  Brians doesn't refresh automatically.  the Phone tracker leaves a very good trail but some times looses signal.  ugh.

1:40.  Yut made fuel stop in Ridgecrest and back on the trail.  James had a flat earlier.  Landon has one now prior to ridgecrest.  Brian still having engine issue when he slows for technical sections.  turned around halfway up Last Chance Canyon to get back to highway.  All seem to be in good spirits.

1:30.  Yut almost to Ridgecrest (lunch).  James/Landon winding across and down Black Mountain.   The phone tracker leaves a much better visual on the tracking screen.  Brian in Last Chance Canyon, hopefully with companion riders.

12:01  Yut making great time.  KTM EXC 500 is really eating this track up!

11:52  Yut stretching out his lead.   Couple of James' spot tracks indicate he may have taken a sand nap. Brian appears to be taking the easier route.

James and Landon about 11:20
11:16 CST.  Brian calling in fuel issues still. May move to easier route.  Landon is with James heading into the mountains.   Yut is ahead going down north slope.

Yut leading
10:30 CST,  Yut appears to be leader of the team. he didn't stop at first fuel and jumped ahead.   James did first fuel and then got off course.   Brian was having fuel issues, surging and running like carburetor with no choke.  He think's it's fixed now and getting back on track.

James at 9:20 CST

Tracking station

8:03.  James reports he has race packet, charts, warming engine.

James first in line for Black Friday sales!

James Valentine is FIRST bike in Tech Inspection.  Passed!

Def a goon squad!

Brian Englund
James Valentine

Landon Norman

Landon Norman time

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