Wednesday, December 28, 2016

30 minute job in two hours.

Good Grief!!
Almost a month ago I had taken the rear end of my bike apart, cleaned up the caliper, replaced the disk and put that much back together.
Finally this afternoon I figured I'd finish the job and bleed the brakes... but first... let's take the caliper off again and make sure I got grease inside the slides.   What could go wrong???
Reassembled the caliper and started putting things back in place... but the wheel/rotor/sprocket-side(which is floating on the axel... won't go up between the disk nor up into the swing arm.
After some cursing I found that the pad on the left was stuck not quite in place.  take it apaat and reassemble.  same problem... then I see the other pad had slipped down out of its holder.  It actually looks like there is a wide spot in the center of the caliper where you could install new pads without removing the caliper... fat chance...
Reset everything and kept my pinky stuck between the pads to hole them in place and insure first blood.   Then it all went back quickly.
I have the bike hanging from the rafters and was able to adjust the ratchet strap hangers so everything was at the same level and the axel slid right in.
Now I'm back to where I have been for a month and will try the bleed (oil, not human) tomorrow.
Happy day!


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  1. Ha, yes sir, I know what you mean... what's generally believed to be a 1 hour job according the professionals normally end up taking me several hours... LOL