Friday, April 22, 2016

Finding the great roads

I know there is a Top-Ten list, and probably a Top-20 Motorcycle Roads list out there, but it's not always convenient to run out to Terlingua TX to savor the rolling pavement up the Rio Grande to Presidio.

Working on vacation plans this year, I did discover a couple tourism guides that put their state motorcycle-friendly roads into handy pamphlets.

One quick and dirty electronic way to find these trips is  This website not only has a good roster of tours nationwide, but it lets you add your own favorites.  Some of the routes near me have complete maps and GPX tracks.

When it comes to toruism brochures, here are a few that I enjoyed finding this year.

My first find was Arkansas Mororcycling Guide, which now includes 5 dual-sport (!) routes.
It's supported by advertising, but the details are great and it helps you plan a day, weekend or week.

"Arkansas's six geographic regions offer bikers diverse topography and scenery. Arkansas's natural beauty and unique, eclectic destinations are rapidly gaining popularity with motorcycle enthusiasts throughout North America. We are a motorcycling friendly destination. Unique motorcycle destinations, which cater to motorcycling travelers, are nestled in the heart of Arkansas's most rambling roads, broken by breathtaking visas along the way.

Download the Arkansas Motorcycling Guide

Motorcycle Riding Guide of the Ozarks
Motorcycle Riding Guide of the Ozarks

Last week my g/f brought back the Missouri Motorcycle Guide, published by Missouri Life.

"We've put togther 20 of the best motorcycle routes and destinations from every corner of the state. Check out the first annual Missouri Motorcyle Guide produced by Missouri Life Magazine

My latest find seems to only be available online as an article, but it's a start to finding Kentucky backroads.  
"“Kentucky has great touring possibilities,” says Jeff Cooke, a former BMW Motorcycles dealer in Louisville who has been riding since he was a teen. “There are some really fun roads, especially in eastern Kentucky.”

Oklahoma received my highest rating for tourism packages in general.  They sent a couple pounds of literature, maps and etc and we enjoyed the better part of a week just coming across from out Wild West winter vacation.  Rt 66 is well documented in OK and, although they don't have a motorcycle specific brochure, their many scenic drive loops, all across the state, certainly lead the way to enjoyable afternoons.  

I much prefer digital exploring, but there's something comfy about the printed editions which can be copied and shared around the table.

While you travel, shoot a note to help us find more guides from across the country.

Travel safe!   Jeff

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