Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rain day,

Last day at Dowling Park and Suwannee Rive Wilderness Trail as camp host.  there were quite a few boring days, but every time a visitor arrived I felt like the governor welcoming them to a weekend or one day home.

The locals at Jiffy, Javier, usps and grocery store call me by first name.   The good ol boys at the hardware store for coffee know me as the guy who walks across the bridge.

There's a lot to be said for living on rice, tea and a BSA cook kit.  Will fish a few cats' for dinner.

Supplies seem to be spaghetti, oil, butter. mustard, rice, spices.   Bananas potatoes and garlic I buy as needed.

wifi and countless chargers are critical.

Photo ops have been sparse, but that's the photog's challenge.  There are always pictures to be had.

Will be interesting to see how well I have thinned down my belongings when I pack up today.

more later.


  1. Enjoyed the visit Jeff, wish you well with your travels.... paddlers through DPk