Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Interesting ride back to camp from dinner in town... details to follow.  Am working on the details... as I remember them.

"No, Honey... I don't need the GPS.  It's only 15 miles."

Let's see...   at 15 miles I found the inspection station but the Suwannee River was gone...

Film at eleven.


So I finish dinner with a friend and start the bike to head back to camp.  Nice to drive back before sundown.

All is well until I reach the AG inspection station...   It's the expected 15 miles but the river is missing...  (Mind you... the Suwannee river is not something that is going to go far during the dinner hour...)  

No Jiffy Food Mart.  No retirement village.  No GPS (it's only 15 miles!)

Find a place to pull over.  hook up GPS.  13,5 miles back to camp...   That's where I was 30 minutes ago...

Turning around, GPS wanted to make every left turn.  Every road it liked was sand...   Can't they build that into the GPS?  NO interstates, NO sand?

Back track to Rt 250W and now it's dark.   There's a truck waiting to pull out where I am to turn left...   no street lights so I go just past the truck and turn left...   WRONG!!!   The truck is pulling out of the sandlot for  commuter parking...  Did some dirt-tracking across that venue and back on the road west.

Then a ghost appears.   It's about a foot off the ground and weaving side to side approaching me.   Slowing down... it's a kid on a bicycle... no lights, no reflectors...  

Last 5 miles was uneventful.   Another day, another story.


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