Wednesday, June 11, 2014

BMW RA, Americade and now Stephen Foster

OK,, so I am about three weeks behind on updating things... and my tech life is being challenged...   Helmet cam died - upgraded to Go Pro Hero 3.   Cell Phone died - will manage on google voice (717-620-9676) and Skype for as long as I can...   THEN Acer computer did a "stand by while we update your computer crap..." and it erased the operating system... ugh... thank goodness for back-ups to back-ups.

I will get back here and post updates about the various activities, but in the meantime will just post this as a THANK YOU to all the people who have shared thoughts and smiles along the way.   Every encounter is a chance to discover a new person, a new road, and a new opportunity.

If you are near White Springs, FL this month look me up at the Stephen Foster Cultural Center and Camp... site #17.   Will be camp host thru the July 4th holiday and then headed back to IL until BMW MOA in Minneaposlis at end of July.

travel safe.

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Voice or text to 717-620-9676

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